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From Shakespeare to Syal and Forster to Faulks, we’ve got you covered from all angles: prose, poetry, drama; pre-1900, post-2000; set texts, unseen texts; comparison and context.

For comprehensive coverage, find best-selling Study Guides, Resource Packs and Course Companions. To cater for all learners, Activity Packs and Weaker Learner Packs provide a more active, engaging way of teaching the set texts, while our Gifted and Talented and Advanced Learner Packs support stronger students to develop a fuller, more sophisticated understanding.

Written by teachers, examiners and subject specialists eager to share their knowledge, these resources bring texts to life and reflect the diversity and richness of English.

If you teach GCSEs and/or A Levels, please let us know which specs and texts you are teaching for GCSE and A Level to help support development for your specification!

Fostering enthusiasm for the English language!

My goal is to provide "excellent’ teaching resources that save you "a lot of time’.

With the pressures of teaching a plethora of texts and topics, it’s important not to lose sight of the key skills for exam success. That’s why every resource is meticulously researched and planned to harness subject-specific skills such as comprehension, comparison and critical reading.

In turn, I hope this will instil a lifelong love of the English language.

Kaye Jennings, English Editor
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