Macbeth: Revision Cards for GCSE

Double-sided revision cards covering all key aspects of Macbeth for GCSE English Literature. Flexible, bite-sized format makes revision manageable and achievable.

Wide-ranging activities encourage both independent thought and productive group discussion. Detailed answers are provided throughout to consolidate and expand learning.

Covers all criteria for:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • WJEC
  • Eduqas
  • OCR

Carefully matched to the AOs covering:

  • Characters
  • Key events
  • Key themes
  • The writer’s use of language, structure and form
  • Relevant contexts
  • Reception over time
  • ... and more!

And after all that revision, students can complete their exam preparation with a series of practice essay questions!

All provided as photocopy masters in both A5 double-sided and A4 single-sided format.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7411)
'Very useful indeed as a starting point for weaker ability students... The character cards were particularly useful as they breakdown key elements of personality and motivation... The fact that the cards are A5 is itself a good idea as they are manageable and small enough to keep inside exercise books.' D Corns, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A useful resource that will support students in revising this play. The resource is highly detailed and provides a high level of challenge for students aiming for a Grade 7 or higher... With the new exams being 100% exam based and closed book, it is essential that students get into good revision habits. This will allow teachers to provide these revision materials without excessive work.' - L Deighton, Head of English and Indepedent Reviewer
'A very comprehensive set of revision materials geared towards encouraging students to engage with the various aspects of the specification and the potential question areas which could arise... An incredible amount of information in one place... A gift for a student who needs to pick up a text that they studied long ago. It is a full crash course in Macbeth and gives them everything that they need to feel confident going into their exam.' K Chanter, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is an extremely comprehensive and detailed series of revision cards which could also be used by classes and students within a taught scheme of work. All aspects of the text are covered and students are provided with key learning points on each card... There is excellent coverage of all four exam board assessment objectives... The double-sided nature of the cards makes it a great resource for teacher and/or individual learner.' L Loxton, Educational Consultant and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource... Very detailed and provides focused questions which extend learning. I like the way that it is set out in easy to follow cards. It helps students to link their revision to the exam questions with the required amount of detail. The depth of detail is much more than many of the revision resources I have encountered so far. Unlike many revision resources, it does not skim/ outline the key themes and characters but rather it covers them in detail.' L Morris, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource which would help learning and understanding of Macbeth , and how to use supportive evidence in order to answer an essay question.... Focuses on the Assessment Objectives and shows clearly which aspects of the play need to be analysed to score highly in each objective... I liked the versatility of the cards which could be used as a game or peer sharing and questioning, or simply as revision... ... Easy to adapt according to group size and purpose of the lesson." - S and S Fallon, English Tutors and Independent Reviewers