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Poetry Recordings


web/6561 A Level AQA A Love Poetry Through the Ages: Poetry Recordings $17 +VAT
web/2719 Lyrical Ballads (4 poems): Poetry Recordings $22 +VAT
web/3523 Scars Upon My Heart: Poetry Recordings $17 +VAT
web/3525 The Oxford Book of War Poetry: Poetry Recordings $20 +VAT
web/3524 Up The Line to Death: Poetry Recordings $25 +VAT


web/6729 A Level AQA B John Keats Selected Poems: Poetry Recordings $28 +VAT
web/3501 Alfred Tennyson: Poetry Recordings (AQA B Literature Selection) $27 +VAT
web/5016 Christina Rossetti: Poetry Recordings $25 +VAT
web/5020 Geoffrey Chaucer: The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales: Poetry Recording $22 +VAT
web/3566 John Donne: Poetry Recordings $20 +VAT
web/3502 Pre-1800 Pastoral: Poetry Recordings $41 +VAT
web/5017 Robert Browning: Poetry Recordings $28 +VAT
web/3518 S. T. Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Poetry Recordings $17 +VAT
web/5018 Thomas Hardy: Poetry Recordings $17 +VAT
web/5019 Wilfred Owen: Poetry Recordings $17 +VAT