Would You Like To Have Your Work Published?

Most of the teaching resources published by ZigZag are written by practising teachers. Sometimes they have developed their own high quality teaching resources that need little adaption for publication, at other times they write from scratch to a brief.

We support you every step of the way towards your first published resource from discussing viable ideas, the structure of your resource, exemplar publications and advice for areas like copyright, referencing and IT support for Microsoft Word. Once you submit your final draft we deal with everything including proofreading, checking, formatting, setup and marketing.

PublishMeNow is the support website for authors of teaching resources published by ZigZag Education, through which you can monitor step-by-step progress of your projects, review new resources, and access support documentation for developing new resources.

Any teacher can register, at which point you will periodically receive information and resource requests, and can offer to contribute at the right time for you.

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