The ZigZag Education UK Affiliate Programme

Become a ZigZag Education UK Affiliate and earn 15% of the pre-vat total every time someone buys through your link. (If you are VAT registered you can charge us VAT.)

How it works

You are provided with an extra code to add to your link to the ZigZag Education website. Then, when a teacher goes to the website via your link, all the order codes contain your unique reference id. We track the source of each sale and this is attributed to you. Each October you receive the percentage of sales you have generated for the academic year.

Is this worthwhile?

If you have a website that has a lot of teachers visiting it and the link is prominent, potentially this can generate a lot of sales, particularly if your website/webpage is focused on a specific subject area and you give details of related resources that we offer. The more we pay you in affiliate fees, the more sales you have generated for us.

Register Now

Please note that your email address must be accurate as we will email you instructions for the links that track and attribute sales to you. Also, your name and address must be accurate as we will send a cheque to this address each year for 15% of any sales you have generated.

Important: we never pass on your details to other organisations.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

  • ZigZag Education reserves the right to refuse final sale if the customer is unsuitable or unknown.
  • ZigZag Education reserves the right to drop the Affiliate Programme or specific Affiliates for any reason.
  • ZigZag Education sells resources to schools for use with children. Affiliate fees will not be paid for sales that come from a link from unsuitable websites - if you are not sure then please check first.
  • Although we would encourage you to generate affiliate fees for yourself by telling teachers about ZigZag Education resources, affiliate fees will not be paid on sales resulting from spam emails, trade mark infringement, false advertising, typosquatting or unethical methods.
  • Affiliates must use their own 'brand' to generate sales for ZigZag Education. Affiliate fees will not be paid where affiliates seek to draw search results for ZigZag Education to their own website instead of ZigZag Education's website.
  • The affiliate programme is for partners who wish to earn money by generating genuine new sales for ZigZag Education. Affiliate fees will not be paid where the customers are also claiming a discount or group offer that is listed on other marketing literature from us and not on our website.
  • The ZigZag Education Affiliate Programme is to generate UK customers. Overseas affiliates should contact ZigZag Education before registering.

T&Cs last updated 27/02/10