Accessibility Statement

  • Readers can move around the clickable items on a page, usually accessed using a mouse, by using the tab button on the keyboard.
  • Our website has recently been redesigned with a more responsive design so that it will adapt itself according to the device and browser size that you are using.

In case you are not already aware of them, there are some excellent accessibility guides on the BBC website at which include guidelines on how to set up your web browser to make the web more accessible.

Please contact us at if you have any problems accessing our content.

Accessibility for Customers with a Reading Impairment

The majority of our photocopiable teaching resources can be provided in PDF format, for which there is a charge. Please contact the head of department at your school/college/organisation regarding any resources they have provided you with. It may well be that they have already purchased the PDF licence with their original order. Note that the original licence must also have been purchased and you must complete our PDF Licence Agreement for Customers with a Reading Impairment form.