The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A5 Revision Cards for GCSE

A fantastic and useful idea for students. These cards cover everything you could possibly want to revise this novel in a way which is simple, effective and in no way patronising. P Town, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Double-sided revision cards covering all key aspects of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for GCSE English Literature. Flexible, bite-sized format makes revision manageable and achievable.

Wide-ranging activities encourage both independent thought and productive group discussion. Detailed answers are provided throughout to consolidate and expand learning.

Covers all criteria for:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • OCR
  • Eduqas

Carefully matched to the AOs covering:

  • Characters
  • Key events
  • Key themes
  • The writer’s use of language, structure and form
  • Relevant contexts
  • Reception over time
  • ... and more!

And after all that revision, students can complete their exam preparation with a series of practice essay questions!

All provided as photocopy masters in both A5 double-sided and A4 single-sided format.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7611)

'Excellent - incredibly thorough and great preparation for the new specifications. I particularly like the format - questions on one page, answers/thoughts/development on the next side. This would definitely make revision easier.' N Boyce, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'This is an excellent resource. It is difficult to find high quality revision resources for this challenging text and this really fills a gap in the market. It is through but set out in a way which makes revision manageable for students. The layout as double sided cards is an excellent way of enabling students to assess thier own understanding of the material.... The level of detail is excellent but broken down into manageable chunks with clear focus on either character, theme, structure or form. The clear links to the assessment objectives also helps students and teachers find the material which most suits their needs... I also liked the 'Points to consider' boxes on each page and the 'quotation' boxes as these act like bite sized revision summaries. An excellent resource which I would not hesitate to buy!' - L Morris, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

A good, helpful resource for GCSE revision which is well targeted and clear... I liked the focused nature of this resource which is ideal for revision. The A5 format is good and makes it user friendly and its links to the AOs and the key areas of Character, Plot, Language, structure and context... Excellent distillation of the novel for revision purposes so well targeted for the purpose for which it is written. It would be perfect to give to pupils who could test themselves by using the questions on one side and then checking their own ideas against the answers on the back... A great resource which would be a huge benefit to candidates.' -S, Griffin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer