Anita and Me: Activity Pack for GCSE (first teaching 2015)

Suitable for: AQA | Edexcel | Eduqas | OCR

This activity-packed resource will consolidate knowledge and give students thorough insight into Meera Syal’s acclaimed novel.

An incredibly well considered and useful resource that allows every ability access to the text. This is very versatile! C McDonough, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer (feedback for previous edition)

Activities include:

  • Insightful questions
  • Stimulating reading, writing and spoken language tasks
  • Regular quotation analysis exercises
  • Pair and group work
  • Creative activities

Carefully considered structure develops understanding:

  1. Build a foundation for learning and get students interested with introductory pre-reading exercises.
  2. Dig deeper with text-based activities. Every chapter is explored through a range of thought-provoking tasks, and a focus on recalling and analysing quotations prepares students to succeed in the closed-book exams.
  3. Consolidate knowledge with whole-text activities focusing on: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Ideas and Messages • Language • Form • Structure • Context

Plus! A revision quiz tests understanding, and extended writing practice questions get students thinking about the exam.

All activities are perfectly matched to the GCSE Assessment Objectives, and the fantastic structure and different activity styles make the pack accessible for your whole class.

Plus! Suggested answers for questions and activities included.