Romp through the Romantics: Poetry for Gifted and Talented for GCSE

Inspire and challenge your high-achieving students with this dynamic, self-contained workbook, covering eight appealing and well-loved Romantic poems. All resources are provided, so they’ll be in charge of their own learning – keeping busy while acquiring valuable new knowledge and skills.

Before reading, each poem is introduced with:

  • Concise poet biography and historical context, including ‘juicy gossip’!
  • Key ideas and features to look for while reading
  • Student-friendly definitions of key poetic and literary terms

Use in class as an extension, or for homework. Perfect preparation for unseen poetry!

Then students engage with the content and build analytical skills with structured, progressive activities:

  1. Comprehension questions and summary-writing challenges test knowledge
  2. ‘Tuff Stuff’ extension questions use higher-order thinking
  3. Creative activities invite active and interdisciplinary learning

Plus! ‘Help Desk’ pages give suggested answers and ideas for each poem

GCSE students will enjoy the light-hearted language, combining educational content with a sense of fun. As the author says, ‘students will be so joyfully busy that they aren’t even aware of quite how much they are learning!'

A novel idea for G and T... Clearly set out with bitesize subsections and therefore easy to pick and choose from. Specialist terms are used in a suitable way to challenge enquiring minds and the terms relate to high grade exam requirements for language and structure. Useful for the purposes of studying unseen poems that the students may face in their final examinations. F Remington, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer