An Inspector Calls: Podcasts and Activities for GCSE English Literature

Discussions include:
  • The structure of the play borrows from the ancient Greeks.
  • What was life like in 1912 and how does it affect the play?
  • Priestley uses very few dramatic techniques in this play. Discuss.

…and more!

12 engaging debate podcasts and follow-up activities exploring the key themes and techniques used in An Inspector Calls. Carefully designed to meet all AOs for the 2015 GCSE (9–1) English Literature specifications.

All debates provided as ❶ audio podcast (mp3) on CD and ❷ paper transcript.

Bring classroom discussion to life!

  • Key topics (e.g. context, language and genre) of the play discussed through various scenarios and viewpoints
      • from a struggling student and their teacher, to an entire class discussion, to a director and cast!
  • Consolidation questions and discussion prompts check understanding and encourage higher-level questioning
  • Exam-style questions develop key essay-writing skills and prepare students for the exam
  • Full indicative content provided for easy marking and to check students are on the right track

🎧 Click here for a one-minute sample of Podcast 1. 🎧