An Inspector Calls: Podcasts and Activities for GCSE English Literature

Discussions include:
  • The structure of the play borrows from the ancient Greeks.
  • What was life like in 1912 and how does it affect the play?
  • Priestley uses very few dramatic techniques in this play. Discuss.

…and more!

12 engaging debate podcasts and follow-up activities exploring the key themes and techniques used in An Inspector Calls. Carefully designed to meet all AOs for the 2015 GCSE (9–1) English Literature specifications.

All debates provided as ❶ audio podcast (mp3) on CD and ❷ paper transcript.

Bring classroom discussion to life!

  • Key topics (e.g. context, language and genre) of the play discussed through various scenarios and viewpoints
      • from a struggling student and their teacher, to an entire class discussion, to a director and cast!
  • Consolidation questions and discussion prompts check understanding and encourage higher-level questioning
  • Exam-style questions develop key essay-writing skills and prepare students for the exam
  • Full indicative content provided for easy marking and to check students are on the right track

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'An amazing resource that could be used by either the teacher in a classroom setting or by the student as a revision resource... There is a clear focus on assessment objectives and the way that the quotation is used helps students to avoid bolting on contextual comments... I also liked the regular consolidation and discussion ideas and the answer section at the back... A more digital/contemporary way of learning for today's generation!' J Sallabank, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"A superb resource and I think it is moving with the times to take this approach to revision. It would suit homework and revision in equal measure and models good practice in terms of hitting the exam criteria." - K Chanter, Head of English and Independent Reviewer