GCSE English Podcasts and Activities

Debate podcasts and follow up activities covering the key themes and techniques used in GCSE English Literature set texts. Carefully designed to meet all AOs for the 2015 specifications.

All debates are recorded onto CD as podcasts and provided as paper transcripts.

Podcast discussions include:
  • The older characters are less sympathetic than the younger ones. Discuss.
  • How is language used to show change in the text?
  • The divisions between classes are crucial in progressing the plot. Discuss.
… and more!
Bring classroom discussion to life!
  1. Key topics discussed in an easy-to-use, accessible format through various scenarios and from different viewpoints.
    • from a struggling student and their teacher, to an entire class discussion, to a director and cast!
  2. Consolidation questions and discussion prompts for each debate to check understanding and encourage higher-level questioning
  3. Exam-style questions to develop key essay-writing skills and prepare students for the exam
  • Check students are on the right track – full indicative content provided for easy marking

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An Inspector Calls: Podcasts and Activities for GCSE
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