Animal Farm: Study Guide for GCSE (first teaching 2015)

Set text for: AQA | Edexcel | OCR | Eduqas

This detailed and stimulating resource will guide students through Orwell's ever-popular novella. Animal Farm contains elements to engage all abilities, with the straightforward and enjoyable story carrying deeper social comment.

Contains lots of useful information and is structured in a brilliant way, easy for the students to use... It's all in one place. G Bell, English teacher & satisfied customer (feedback for previous edition)

  1. Walkthrough – Build understanding of the chosen text with insightful and relevant commentary and analysis. All chapters are concisely summarised, then examined in detail.
  2. Whole-text Analysis – Explores: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Allegory • Language • Form • Structure • Context
  3. Indicative Content – Ensures all key content is covered. Great support for busy teachers!


  • Student-friendly plot summary
  • Original illustrations

Woven into the analysis throughout you will find:

  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation – with suggested points to cover
  • Active learning tasks to deepen understanding
  • Extended essay questions for excellent exam practice