Exam Preparation Packs for GCSE OCR

Apply set-text teaching to the exam with these focused companions, specifically tailored to the exam board.

Three structured steps to build success:

  1. Revision
    • At-a-glance topical summaries cover key points in an easy-to-digest format
    • Revision activities consolidate knowledge through quizzes, mind mapping, quotation analysis, close reading and more!
  2. Exam Preparation
    • Essay-focused exercises build planning and writing skills and improve exam technique
  3. Exam Practice
    • Plenty of original exam-style questions give practice in all areas – great for mock exams
    • Worked-through example takes students through planning, drafting and completing an essay in manageable steps
    • Sample essays with annotated versions and activities demonstrate how to improve grades

Includes annotated sample essays!

Plus! Student-friendly self- or peer-mark scheme and suggested answers for all activities. Tasks can be set in class or for homework to enhance your revision schedule.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8703)
'A very practical, useful resource which would be very helpful to either students or teachers. The writer clearly knows Romeo and Juliet, the exam specification and the marking points very well and this knowledge is reflected in the resource... Everything is broken down very clearly for the reader... I like the inclusion of sample exam questions with comments on how to answer them. I also like the way that tasks are scaffolded e.g. by providing writing frames or diagrams to work from. The resource will help students both to answer exam questions and to revise the plot, characters, themes and context of the text. The amount of context given is particularly strong is this is often something that students are told to provide but they are not really given much information about what to write... This resource will help the student to learn more about the play and more about the exam questions that they will face. By completing the tasks, the student is likely to become more confident about their exam performance. It would be useful for a teacher with a class or for a student working alone... Every page of this book contains useful information!' S White, English Tutor and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8412)
'Very detailed, thorough and relevant to the exam... I liked the first section with a detailed analysis of the key themes in each scene. This is an excellent idea and helps students to work out what is relevant when essay writing... It had a lot of detail concerning how to write an essay and useful techniques to follow... Exceptional!' E Basford, Senior Examiner and Independent Reviewer