Romeo and Juliet: Revision Cards for GCSE

Double-sided revision cards covering all key aspects of Romeo and Juliet for GCSE English Literature. Flexible, bite-sized format makes revision manageable and achievable.

Wide-ranging activities encourage both independent thought and productive group discussion. Detailed answers are provided throughout to consolidate and expand learning.

Covers all criteria for:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • WJEC
  • Eduqas
  • OCR

Carefully matched to the AOs covering:

  • Characters
  • Key events
  • Key themes
  • The writer’s use of language, structure and form
  • Relevant contexts
  • Reception over time
  • ... and more!

And after all that revision, students can complete their exam preparation with a series of practice essay questions!

All provided as photocopy masters in both A5 double-sided and A4 single-sided format.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7413)
'Excellent - loads of useful activities and revision notes that would perfectly prepare students for study of this play. I really like the mix of tasks with learning points and it is incredibly thorough in terms of covering characters, themes, language etc. Perfectly suited to the AQA syllabus (but equally useful to other boards)... Key quotation cards are particularly useful for the new spec where students are expected to learn quotes to use in the exam... Working through these cards would ensure students could competently tackle the GCSE Literature exam... My compliments to the author.' N Boyce, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A very well organised and exceptionally helpful resource that would benefit learners prior their exams. The revision cards are engaging as well as relevant to the text with close links to the AOs, thus, makes learning student centred and meaningful... The resource will benefit both lower and higher ability students... Teachers will be happy to use the resource for classwork, homework, plenary sessions, warmers, group work, and much more!' M Gavaloo, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Very comprehensive covering probably anything and everything that may appear on the exam! Useful for revision.' P Ault, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'It would be hard to conceive of a more knowledgeable, thorough approach to the play. I especially appreciated the organized approach the resource takes: at a glance, students and teachers know where all of the information for each character, theme, literary device etc is. The language level of the resource is perfect. The vocabulary is not simplistic, but neither is it too erudite for a GCSE student to understand.' - J Clarke, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"A very detailed revision resource that will develop the understanding and knowledge. The two-sided format allows students to test their knowledge." L Deighton, Head of English and Independent Reviewer