Lord of the Flies Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack

A challenging activity pack which stretches your gifted and more-able students during their exploration of Lord of the Flies at GCSE. Activities aim to demonstrate how to achieve the highest grades possible using aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy and give students control over their own learning. Perfect for complementing classroom activities or to be used as hand-outs / homework. Includes full Glossary, Teacher’s Notes and Answers.

Covers the key areas of the novel: important events, characters, relationships, context, language, structure, form, themes, setting, ideas and interpretations. Within each key area, engaging and thought-provoking activities aim to:
  • prompt the recall of important points
  • aid comprehension and reinforce clear, advanced understanding
  • enable students to apply their knowledge of the novel to a new situation or an unseen extract
  • support implicit and explicit analyses
  • encourage individual interpretations and stimulate new, creative and individual ideas
  • Going further! Help students practise their essay-writing skills by using an annotated response to demonstrate the best way of achieving top marks.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8898)
'I like this resource a lot. It is a very thorough, practical publication which can be used for classroom teaching and for setting challenging homework... The materials offer a wide variety of activities which will assist greatly with teacher planning. Many activities present ways for pupils to develop personal/alternative interpretations – a key aspect of achieving at the highest level... The teacher’s notes are certainly helpful and would save a lot of time... Exemplar/modelled openings for essays clearly shows the level of response expected by the pupils... A wide varied learning styles are present so all types of learners should be engaged with materials. An excellent resource which will save hours of work and which will stretch and challenge pupils.' S Freeburn, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource! I particularly liked the variety of activities: there were a range of creative, ICT and drama activities so students of all learning styles could enjoy learning about the novel. In addition, there were grids to complete which helps students to organise their ideas and structure essay responses. There are also examples to model answers for students and clearly show what to include in a high level response... Tasks such as the exploration on ‘literal and abstract meaning’ encourage students to delve into uncommon areas and think outside the box. There are several opportunities for them to look beyond the obvious – a skill which is vital to offer more-able students.' M Georgiou, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource! It’s guided enough to suggest an ‘order’ but not so subscribed as to limit an individual teacher’s creativity... There is a wide range of activities and I can see how useful this would be to a teacher looking for some fresh approaches, or alternative ways to delve into the text... The sample responses will be invaluable for both time-pressured teachers and students needing to ‘see’ what success looks like... I love the links to other works of literature such as Heart of Darkness... Very creative language exploration exercises... It takes students through the text very thoroughly. There are plenty of activities to appeal to a range of different learning contexts, and plenty of scope for consolidation and the development of understanding.' A Baiden, Teacher and Independent Reviewer