The Sign of Four: Activity Pack for GCSE (first teaching 2015)

Set text for: AQA

Take your students on a detective trail across nineteenth-century London! Conan Doyle’s classic tale of stolen treasure, intrigue and double-crossing is sure to capture their imaginations. And the plethora of varied activities will harness enthusiasm for comprehensive exam preparation.

Activities include:

  • Insightful questions
  • Stimulating reading and writing tasks
  • Pair and group work
  • Spoken language and SPaG practice
  • Creative activities
  • Close-reading exercises

Carefully considered structure develops understanding:

  1. Build a foundation for learning and get students interested with introductory pre-reading exercises.
  2. Dig deeper with text-based activities. Every chapter is explored through a range of thought-provoking tasks.
  3. Consolidate knowledge with whole-text activities focusing on: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Ideas and Messages • Language • Form • Structure • Context

All activities are perfectly matched to the GCSE Assessment Objectives, and the fantastic structure makes the pack accessible for your whole class.

Plus! Suggested answers for questions and activities included.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1768)

The author has consulted the AOs thoroughly and matched the tasks to the needs of the GCSE students" - A Barnett, Head of English and Independent Reviewer