Exam Preparation Packs for GCSE AQA

Absolutely fantastic... Will save hours and hours of work [for] teachers teaching this new spec. P Town, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer (A Christmas Carol version)

Apply set-text teaching to the exam with these focused companions, specifically tailored to the exam board.

Three structured steps to build success:

  1. Revision
    • At-a-glance topical summaries cover key points in an easy-to-digest format
    • Revision activities consolidate knowledge through quizzes, mind mapping, quotation analysis, close reading and more!
  2. Exam Preparation
    • Essay-focused exercises build planning and writing skills and improve exam technique
  3. Exam Practice
    • Plenty of original exam-style questions give practice in all areas – great for mock exams
    • Worked-through example takes students through planning, drafting and completing an essay in manageable steps
    • Sample essays with annotated versions and activities demonstrate how to improve grades

Includes annotated sample essays!

Plus! Student-friendly self- or peer-mark scheme and suggested answers for all activities. Tasks can be set in class or for homework to enhance your revision schedule.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7144)
'A detailed resource which provides students the opportunity to access the exam and assessment objectives... Contains a range of activities, with worked examples and sample answers... There are ample examples of exam questions and opportunities for students to engage with a range of exam questions and example answers... It allows students to access the assessment objectives in a variety of ways and gives them opportunities to access the mark scheme and work through a number of example answers. it provides students with worked examples with examiner commentary to see how marks are awarded and where answers could be improved.' L Richards, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This is an absolutely fantastic resource - the level of detail included makes it incredibly valuable to all schools delivering the AQA specification. The clear focus on the exam requirements are expertly illustrated through the exemplar responses." - L Deighton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This is a fantastic resource which I would highly recommend... The activities are sharply focused on exam preparation... The sample answers explicitly demonstrate the way that the mark scheme assesses each of the assessment objectives... A valuable resource.. it matches the specification perfectly." - L Morris, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This resource provides teachers with everything they would need to fully prepare a class for their upcoming literature exam... The worked through example was especially well done and this would be a fantastic tool to use with students when approaching the questions for the first time.' - D Corns, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I liked the fact that it actually goes through the answering of an exam question and how to achieve high marks on the Assessment objectives. The sample essays are excellent as these include how the essays have been awarded marks and how the student can achieve better grades with practice and self assessment.' - S Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviwer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7703)
'Strong and offered a lot to teachers, it had a lot of variety which helps in lessons... I liked the variety, resources for this came be similar and this had some interesting ideas, which would help with planning... I think it offers new ideas which lead to creative idea generation. It is difficult to make Macbeth relevant, they have heard it all before but I feel this resource has some interesting ideas for teaching.' J Gillespie, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
I like the detailed preparation for exam style answers and the focus on the assessment objectives... Examples of analysis of individual passages are very useful as they relate directly to the format of the exam... Good to have exercises which develop ambitious vocabulary to get SPAG marks... The self/peer assessment sheet is useful.' K Joel, Deputy Headteacher, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A helpful and useful resource that provides a good bank of ideas, resources, practise questions and exemplars to help teachers support students in the run up to the GCSE Exams.' L Deighton, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource... I really liked the chapter summaries, the inclusion of narrative techniques and context, and the worked responses. This would save teachers time, especially the practice questions. I think that this resource would be beneficial to both teachers and students alike.' Joannah Sallabank, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Absolutely fantastic resource for teachers preparing for this exam, especially given the incredibly limited amount of resources provided by AQA. I love the sheer volume of sample questions, answers and worked examples. This is ideal for both students and teachers to improve their knowledge of the skills and requirements for this exam. The worked examples build confidence and allow students to clearly see the various skills needed to answer these exam questions, linking to all the AOs. The sample answers are also perfect for a busy teacher, especially in the lead up to the exams. The revision grid at the start is particularly useful for whole-text understanding and cross-referencing of themes.' P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
"This resource has all of the necessary components for teaching Macbeth, particularly to year 11 students in their final term. It is geared towards examination roundup of key themes learnt, culminating in several opportunities to do exam practices followed by reflection and comparison of student answers. The pack is extremely rich in sample answers – a unique feature unlikely to be replicated in other teaching packs. Likewise, the answers section is a rarity and shows that this resource pack goes that extra mile to show teachers and students the reassuring way to interpret the mark scheme. I could imagine that this will be a highly sought after resource. Thank you so much for creating it." - F Remington, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8262)
'Very useful for students who are preparing for GCSE Literature... Contains lots of activities which focus on the AOs and revision of key themes... It's a great revision tool for those who have studied the novel... The exam style questions are very effective for homework and match the spec well... It is a solid resource, well presented and researched.' R Smart, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A really useful resource for students who have read the novel and are preparing to take the AQA English literature exam. There were a lot of activities and lots of exam skills with focus on the AOs. I really liked the key terms activity, with space to place relevant quotes - an excellent revision activity. Also the key extracts with guided questions was a very good activity with links to AOs - great for exam practice... Very useful for revision and looking at the example essays was particularly valuable.' - R Smart, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9128)
'A very focused and well thought out resource. It contains good ideas to help develop skills needed for the exam... The Chapter summary is detailed and only emphasises the important parts of the text. I like the way there is an important quotations page and I also like the breakdown of how to analyse an extract, with the option for students to then try it for themselves, firstly with a short extract and then with a longer extract. In addition, I like the student friendly self/peer assessment. Finally, I like the fact that exemplar responses have been included and that there is a detailed list of key areas that students need to revise... As Great Expectations is a rather long and somewhat more challenging text, this resource reminds students of everything they need to cover and how they can go about doing it... A very practical resource... Full credit to the writer for creating such an important resource!' H Begum, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8474)
'A really good resource... Gives pupils an opportunity to practise their exam skills and matches the specification and assessment criteria.' V Kondou, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An engaging and interesting resource that both teachers and students could benefit from. Teachers can save time preparing activities and students can work in groups and improve their knowledge of the book in an active way... Main events are clearly narrated and accompanied with key points, helping learners remember them... The historical context map is very helpful in remembering key events in history that is relevant to the allegorical value of the novella. Samples of students essays illustrate the demands of the paper, with AOs clearly shown against ideas, and examiners’ comments.' M Gavaloo, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This is exactly what we need at the moment in the build up towards the exams... sample answers, indicative content, sample questions and revision tools aimed at improving essay writing alongside revision of the novel. Having full essays with detailed comments helps both teachers and students get a better idea of how to write and how to mark - something which exam boards have barely provided us with. It has high expectations and presents very strong exemplar essays but also continues to aim for improvements. The focus on the AOs is helpful in ensuring all students meet all bullet-points of the mark scheme. The range of sample questions and answers is ideal both for the classroom and for extra independent revision." - P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
"I really liked the informative and detailed nature of the resource. It is very closely aligned to the AOs and offers many opportunities for self assessment by students. The resource helps students to develop solid techniques when approaching exam style questions." H Begum, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"An effective revision tool focused specifically on what students need - help with the exam... Particularly useful for after teaching the text - prior to exams to remind students of the key ideas. There are a number of different tasks that staff could use as in class activities or as independent tasks." - Linda Horne, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7566)
I liked this resource, it had some really useful activities and was a very good revision of the story, the main characters, the plot and the context... The exam questions were very good and useful and the answers to the exam preparation questions were well thought out and helpful. I liked the activities on marking the essays and annotating with the AOs in particular... The exam preparation activities at the end of the resource would be extremely helpful in allowing students to learn the AOs and how to embed them all in their work... It is very good on context on the role of women and science at the time. Contextual references to the Romantics movement were also useful.
'A comprehensive revision resource that provides a wide variety of tasks to engage a wide variety of students. The information at the start provides a useful overview of the key knowledge students will require for the exam. This is then supported by the revision tasks before moving students on to more specific and exam-focused tasks. Answers for teachers – good if you ever need to set something for cover. The overall structure is logical and conducive to high quality revision.' L Deighton, Director of English and Independent Reviewer
'A wide array of relevant tasks and activities to help students understand the text and its content in relation to theme, character, feelings, and literary or narrative features. Tasks have been designed to benefit students of all abilities, and encourage them to participate and share relevant ideas in the classroom, gradually developing skills to analyse, choose quotes smartly, understand contexts, identify literary choice of words, and form a personal response to back up their argument. The instructions given by the author are clear and comprehensible, tasks are engaging, and the examples of past students’ work are vital tools to illustrate how ideas are assessed against each criterion.' - M Gavaloo, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8562)
'An excellent and detailed revision and exam preparation resource! The revision grids are useful and would help weaker pupils... There are excellent examples given and I was especially impressed by the grid which looked at how the characters are presented through language... This resource help pupils not only revise the text but fit their answer to the AOs. It focuses on every aspect of an answer including use of technical language and quotations as well as SPaG. The vocabulary work and consideration of different types of sentences was an added bonus... An outstanding resource - the writer deserves every congratulations. There is no doubt that this would help pupils do better in any examination but does not lose sight of the play and the value of the play in its own right!' S Griffin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An extremely valuable resource due to its close adherence to the new AOs for the new 9-1 exam... the real strengths of this resource are the exemplar essays and the way that they are so closed annotated with the specific AOs, and the way it addresses AO3. Context is something that teachers are struggling to teach... Overall a very valuable resource which will benefit both teachers and students. You can tell an awful lot of hard work has gone into this!' V Langlois, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7583)
'A very useful revision tool for students studying The Sign of Four. Not only does it recap essential information such as plot, characters and quotations, it also introduces students to a wide range of examination questions, giving them the opportunity to adequately prepare for their GCSE exam... It’s great to see a comprehensive booklet to help students revise for The Sign of Four as resources on this text are very limited!' M Hill, Teacher Private English Tutor and Independent Reviewer
'Concise exam preparation pack which can be used independently by student or as a set tasks for refresher or revision... Nice combination of exam techniques e.g. essay techniques and phrases and closer reading / analytical tasks. I liked the very simple exam specification at the start. The chapter summaries grid with setting, context and narrative is a very clever idea... Students seem to see them as three separate areas to explore rather than interdependent... The variety of exercises such as gap-fill or quizzes are effective for quick warm-up or to check learning... The 'student friendly mark scheme' is a splendid resource for self assessment. Sample assessments and answers are very useful... Really useful, user-friendly and relevant resource.' L Churchill, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A very effective guide through the main points of the text. Provides clear and comprehensive features relevant to the exam board. I particularly liked the revision grid which outlines narrative devices and context. The exam questions and indicative content will be invaluable as there is little in the way of exemplar exam papers being released from the exam board at this time. I would definitely purchase this resource for my department.' J Harrison, Curriculum Leader of English and Independent Reviewer
‘Superb for learning. The step by step guidance on how to answer a question with examples is inspired. This resource breaks down aspects of the novel in order to aid understanding. It encourages students to use detail to back up their opinion and links this to context. The fact that the essay process is in step by step format enables the teacher to differentiate the resource according to ability and guide students from plot and characters to understanding the assessment objectives. The language section with linguistic terminology helps the student to pick out pertinent quotations to illustrate points. The list of Assessment objective requirements with examples would enable teachers to increase the confidence of the student. I was particularly impressed with the step by step essay guidance with sample essays of different abilities. The context sections linking characters and themes is useful. The tests and quizzes are excellent for reinforcement and revision and the spelling section will help students to commit terminology to memory. The passages from the novel with actual suggestions on how to answer the questions is a really good idea as this helps students to feel more confident about their knowledge of the text.' – S & S Fallon (English Teacher and Independent Reviewer)
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6930)
'This is a really useful exam preparation resource. It would be very useful when students have read the text and done their preliminary studies as it shows students how to use their knowledge to address the particular demands of the assessment objectives within the framework of the AQA English Literature GCSE specification. It is a clear and detailed resource which is explicitly linked to the AOs. I think this is a fantastic resource which could be used for both independent revision and within lessons... The example answers with commentaries help to exemplify the way the mark scheme is applied and clearly show students how to use their knowledge of the text in order to fulfil the requirements of the exam. ' - L Morris, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Useful!' N Maloney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6982)
'I love the worked examples and Exemplar essays for actual examination questions.' S Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Absolutely fantastic. This resource will save hours and hours of work on the part of teachers teaching this new spec. It has done everything we want that AQA hasn't in terms of the coverage it provides, especially the sample questions and responses.' P Town, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource that will benefit any department. It demonstrates an excellent understanding of the specification and has clearly created tasks to maximise the progress of students. Teachers, as well as students, will feel fully supported when using tasks from this resource pack. It also provides activities which many similar resources don't, such as a detailed guide through planning to ensure all AOs are covered. A brilliant addition to any English department!' - K Greaves, Teacher and Independent Reviewer