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From Elizabeth I to Margaret Thatcher, the History specifications contain an unruly number of options. To keep on top of this, ZigZag resources inspire your students to build, apply and assess their knowledge – no matter which topic you pick.

For comprehensive coverage, find best-selling Course Companions and Teaching Packs. To cater for all learners, Resource Banks and Learning Grids provide a more active, engaging way of teaching the topics, while Exam Prep Packs provide the essay support and practice students need to prepare for exams.

Plus! Every resource is written and reviewed by teachers, examiners and subject specialists so you know they will stand the test of time!

If you teach GCSEs and/or AS/A Levels, please let us know which specs and texts you are teaching here to help support development for your specification!

Stimulating inquisitive minds!

As a passionate historian, my goal is to provide "excellent’ resources that are a "huge time saver’.

With the pressures of teaching such broad topics, it’s important not to lose sight of the key skills for exam success. That’s why every resource is meticulously researched and planned to harness subject-specific skills such as analysis, evaluation and interpretation.

In turn, I hope this will help students form the personal, meaningful relationship with History that I share.

Kaye Jennings, History Editor
‘A godsend as it helps to break up the monotony of ‘chalk and talk’ lessons and gives students a range of different ways to access the content... An asset to any teacher.’ D Taborda, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

‘A really valuable resource. This will be incredibly useful for me, and my students will love it.’ J King, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

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