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Design Technology could not be more relevant in today’s ever-advancing technological society. Students studying the course can also acquire a broad range of skills in mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.

We are committed to producing high quality resources written specifically for the 2017 specifications. Our versatile resources engage and inspire all abilities and all types of learning styles. What’s more, all of our Design Technology resources are meticulously checked to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

There’s a whole host of materials to explore – sure to support all of your needs and save you valuable time.

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We’re here to make your life easier and to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers, architects, and tradespeople!

My goal is to nurture students’ abilities to observe the world, solve problems, envision ideas and experiment fearlessly.

Likewise, I appreciate the pressures of modern-day teaching. I dedicate myself to creating resources that reduce stress by being practical, relevant and of the highest quality.

Natasha Kittlety, Design Technology Editor
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