Exam Practice for AS and A Level AQA Spanish

Original texts or recordings followed by A Level exam-style questions and answers covering all AS / A Level topics. Comprehensive, skills-focused packs written specifically for the 2016 AQA specification.

There is nothing else on offer of this calibre

D Griezans, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Covers a wide range of text sources used by AQA – so students will be very fully familiar with exam format
  • Multiple opportunities to practise each task type in different contexts continuously develop students’ exam skills
  • Engaging texts on topical issues in Target Language countries – make sure students are up to date for exams
  • Clear and detailed marking criteria – perfect for peer-assessment

Excellent, student friendly and very clear to follow...

...I like the variety of exercise styles.. covers a wide variety of uses

S Stevenson, HoD and Customer


  • Text types include: articles, advertisements, literary texts, testimonials, interviews, blog posts and reports
  • 36 activities covering a range of verbal and non-verbal response tasks mirroring the SAMs
  • Includes summary tasks with exam-style mark schemes


  • Includes: factual and informative texts, interviews, reports, dialogues and testimonials
  • Recordings by native speakers
  • Transcripts for all recordings provided
  • Practices both non-verbal and verbal response questions, including listening summaries

What do teachers say about this resource? (6876)

Fantastic resource that will save tutors lots of time trawling the internet for appropriate resources when our time is best spent doing other things! (...) There is nothing else on offer of this calibre.

D Griezans, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I like the wide variety of modern articles, and that you have included articles from South America, too. I feel that these texts will interest young people. As always, your resources are of a high standard!

C Morgan, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Excellent and useful resource! Worth the money!

M Mortimer, HoD and Customer

Very diverse, useful and relevant. (...) Covers a lot of different question types so would be very useful in a lesson where you are looking at strategies to tackle different questions. There are a lot of opportunities to discuss new vocabulary and look at word families. There are also a lot of grammatical structures which could be used as a talking point.

F Lintern, HoD and Peer Reviewer

It is useful for revision/end of unit assessments/mock exams. As there are 3 assessments per topic, they can be used in a variety of ways.

S Stevenson, HoD and Customer

Covers all the topics and the source materials are interesting and up to date.

E Lerin, Course Leader, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7674)

Excellent and true exam-like resource. Worth the money!

M Mortimer, HoD and Customer

This resource is very useful since it provides close coverage of the AQA A-level Spanish specification. Full answers are provided meaning that students can self-assess their work. Preparing A-level texts is time consuming, particularly in the early years of a specification and this saves time. Students can use the activities to consolidate or extend in-class learning.

D Sutton, HoD and Customer

This is a great resource, both for use in the classroom or as homework. The language used resembles the level of the specification well and there are a lot of idioms and colloquial language for students to learn. [...] Every text is relevant to the topics in the specification and there is not a single topic that has not been covered. Not only are the texts very similar to those in the specimen paper (similar level and style, and the same type of questions), but also very current and up to date and interesting to read.

M Juarros, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource is challenging both linguistically and in terms of enhancing socio-cultural awareness of contemporary Spain as per the new specification. I like the differentiation in tasks from cloze exercises to summary and extended writing.

G Fagan, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7884)

[Would you purchase this resource?]
Definitely! It has so much potential and topics and texts are of great quality.

M Morote Beltrán, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource is particularly useful as it looks at the topics on the spec in relation to the Spanish-speaking world and many of the exam-style activities, particularly the summary questions, are very time consuming and difficult to create from existing listening resources.

G Smith, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6828)

It is excellent. It can be used for homework/intervention/marks... covers a wide variety of uses. It is student friendly and it is also very clear to follow. I like the variety of exercise styles.

S Stevenson, HoD and Customer

I found this resource perfect for exam practice and I would probably use it for independent learning. It includes a variety of texts that are appealing to students, match the specification, and are accessible but challenging at the same time. This pack would be perfect for students to work independently as the answers are at the back of the booklet.

E Lerin, Course Leader and Peer Reviewer

It is reassuring to see some resources in the pipeline for the new spec as many teachers I have spoken to are quite apprehensive about the lack of overlap between the new and current specifications. I liked the fact that the texts were not only relevant to the spec, but were also interesting and should engage the students. As well as improving the students’ exam technique I think that the articles also provide a pretty good insight into the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries which is essential for this new specification. Despite only having one specimen paper at the moment, it seems that they types of activity which have been included are indeed going to be the sort of activities which will be in the exams. There was nothing that I disliked about the resource!

G Smith, HoD and Peer Reviewer

This resource based on the new AQA AS Specification is very welcomed, as it is written in a clear way that helps us teachers to learn the new themes and subthemes once again. This resource enhances learning with the diversity of activities offered. The educational value comes from the tasks focussed specifically on developing students’ reading skills that they will need to be ready for the new examinations. Also, there is a huge amount of cultural information on the theme 2: Artistic culture, Spanish regional identity and cultural heritage or cultural landscape which includes information on a diversity of Spanish regions and Latin American countries regarding their way of life and customs, as well as their social and economic issues. Even in the theme 1, within “cyberspace”, there is a text based on the social media in Argentina.

I Simó-Arroyo, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Excellent resources. Good for extra homework and cover lessons.

M Mortimer, HoD and Customer

A very useful resource with great content and a variety of text formats- there are interviews, extracts from literary works, advertisements, informative texts, argumentative texts and opinion articles. This resource is very complete and I particularly liked the inclusion of authentic material

A Puig Casas, Teacher and Peer Reviewer