A Level - Edexcel (2017 spec)
web/8741 Getting to Know... Volevo i pantaloni for AS and A Level Italian New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $77
web/8487 Reading Exam Practice for AS/A Level Year 1 Edexcel Italian $77
GCSE - AQA (2017 spec)
web/8570 Literary Texts Practice for GCSE AQA Italian (Reading Exam) New $90
GCSE - Edexcel (2017 spec)
web/8571 Literary Texts Practice for GCSE Edexcel Italian (Reading Exam) New Pre-order for Sep/Oct 2018 $90
GCSE - Edexcel (legacy)
web/5802 Differentiated Exam Practice for Edexcel Italian - Reading $104