About Us

ZigZag Education is a creative publisher actively working with thousands of teachers, examiners and educational specialists to produce photocopiable and digital resources that support the new UK specifications for GCSE, A Level and BTEC, as well as KS3.

School Unlimited Copying... Forever

Most ZigZag Education resources are in the form of photocopy masters. The purchasing site is licensed to make as many copies as needed for students attending that site, forever.

Inspection Copies

You can preview all photocopiable resources online. Reassure yourself of the high quality and check that the resource fits into your teaching scheme.

Free Updates

ZigZag Education offers a free service to customers not offered by any other publisher. Register for free updates, and if pages are replaced (for improvements or corrections) you can download those updated pages in PDF format to print and replace in your master copy.

Exam-Focused Resources

Many of our resources are based on the requirements of individual exam boards’ specifications. These carefully tailored guides, including Practice Papers, Course Companions, Topic Tests and more, enable your students to hone key skills and effectively prepare for their exams.

Creative Resources

We also offer creative packs, either tailored to each specification or for use by all boards. Resources such as Activity Packs, Homeworks and Learning Grids support the development and consolidation of subject knowledge through engaging activities.

Peer Review System

Resources are submitted to a bespoke peer review system, where teachers, examiners and subject specialists can provide constructive feedback and give their seal of approval.

Proofreading and Formatting

Every pack is proofread and formatted to ensure it is professionally presented and ready to use.

Quality Guaranteed

There is an automatic sale or return 10-day evaluation period for every resource (see terms & conditions).

Go Digital

Electronic copies (on CD-ROM) are available for most products (options available at checkout).
GO PDF add 20% to also get resources in PDF for easy sharing on your network/VLE
GO EDITABLE add 50% to also get resources in Word+PDF for easy printing & editing


eRevision is a unique interactive online revision package tailored to the new specifications. Engaging exercises to help students fill in the gaps of what they don't know and prepare for their exams.

  • Every specification subtopic covered
  • Engaging, differentiated exercises
  • Intuitive progress tracking

School pricing available which includes teacher logins for oversight of student progress.

Recommend a Resource

Can't find what you need? Email us at customerservices@zigzageducation.co.uk. The resource might already be in the pipeline, and if it’s not, you could inspire a brand new range.

Publish your own resources

Do you write your own worksheets, practice exam material, schemes of work, departmental handbook, etc? Email your ideas to newideas@publishmenow.co.uk and register your interest in publishing at PublishMeNow.co.uk


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