Love through the Ages Pre- and Post-1900 Poetry: Mind Maps and Activities for AS/A Level

Perfect for Revision!

Target all abilities and learner types with these inspiring and highly visual A3 mind maps for AS and A Level AQA A English Literature. Perfect for consolidation, revision, and encouraging independent learning.

Enhances learning by giving students a really clear visual guide to the most important aspects of the different poems

C Webb, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Post-1900)
  • Poem-by-poem mind maps provide focused analysis, essential context, and valuable critical perspectives – break down all AOs for accessible and painless revision.
  • Whole-collection mind maps connect elements of literary analysis for full understanding across all poems – essential for the A Level Section C comparison question.
  • Diverse activities including research, discussion and comparative tasks ensure engagement and develop personal and evidenced responses – vital for exam success.
  • Answers included!

A very comprehensive exploration of the poems in the anthology

R Shakeshaft, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Post-1900)
Plus! Detailed exam advice for AS and A Level – sample essay extracts clearly demonstrate how to achieve top marks.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7156)

An invaluable resource. Students really struggle with comparing these poems, and covering all of the main AOs in doing so... These mind maps encourage them to learn and cover the AOs in full across the entire anthology... I really liked the use of comparative questions to encourage students to always be mindful of the need to compare... The key terminology is particularly effective as you can never assume that A Level students know the basics...! The presentation is really engaging... I [also] like the useful critical viewpoints and the fact that critics are named. This concurs with advice from AQA that students should ... name a critic if they are going to use one. I like the extra mind maps about literary movement and poetic forms as these seem to be the things which my students struggle with the most... This isn't just a gift of notes for students, it requires them to engage fully with the poems and to complete a wide range of challenging tasks... It breaks the elements into manageable sections and encourages students to look at the poem from all angles. A really useful teaching resource and revision guide rolled into one. A brilliant resource; I really like this one!

K Chanter, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Post-1900)

I was very impressed by the way in which the resource responds to the different assessment objectives of the new A level specifications. The mind maps are an excellent resource because they can be used both for classroom teaching and also for display purposes to reinforce the ideas and provide an excellent aide memoire... [The resource] enhances learning by giving students a really clear visual guide to the most important aspects of the different poems. There are also activities which will both enhance their understanding of the poems and also focus their understanding on the different AOs to help them tackle the exam.

C Webb, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Post-1900)

This resource offers a very comprehensive exploration of the poems in the anthology. The information is helpfully connected to the Assessment Objectives, and there is some useful material about essay writing... The inclusion of suggested answers is useful both to facilitate independent study and to support teachers.

R Shakeshaft, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Post-1900)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7155)

This is a fantastic resource for this new specification poetry collection. The effort that has gone into this and the specialist knowledge required is immense and much appreciated... The depth of knowledge and information provided is astounding for both teacher and student alike, making [the resource] ideal for teachers new to the specification and poems. The layout and offering of activities/themes and links are also incredibly detailed... The thematically linked mind maps and tasks, alongside the clarity of each revision page on the poems are brilliant... It's beautiful.

P Town, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is excellent! I was gobsmacked at the fact that the resource distils 14 complex poems into 35 pages including answers. It is a masterpiece of concision, a real tour de force. It not only discusses each poem in detail but also forges thematic and contextual links between the poems. I thought the resource was especially strong at explaining the links between literary device usage and a poem's content. I also greatly appreciated the way the resource succinctly introduced and explained words that will help students understand a poem's key concepts, such as 'anthropomorphism' and 'physiognomy.' The essay questions were crisp and varied. The resource enhances learning because it not only provides a lot of information, but also sets the students a variety of written and oral tasks.

J Clarke, Teacher and Independent Reviewer (Pre-1900)