Mind Maps with Activities for AS/A Level

A3 mind maps with activities provide a dynamic and visual addition to set text study at AS and A Level.

A comprehensive resource that covers all key aspects that pupils need to understand...

...The visual nature of the resource provides excellent opportunities for pupils to link context more meaningfully to the text

K McLoughlin, English Teacher & Customer (on Wuthering Heights)

Encourage focused and creative analysis of key ideas with the combination of notes and activities. Ideal for learning, revision, and developing independent thinking:

  1. Visually appealing, concise summaries of essential literary features
    • Topics include: context, key chapters, language, structure & form, characterisation, themes, key quotations, genre, literary interpretations and critical reception
  2. Stimulating write-on activities to ensure engagement
    • Including completing mind maps with key information and quotations, discussion prompts, character studies and much more!
    • When completed, mind maps provide valuable revision sheets
  3. Suggested content and answers provided for a selection of tasks

The activities and structure of a mind map invite a more creative response and synthesis of overarching themes...

...Their visual nature will help students to retain the key points

K McLoughlin, English Teacher & Customer (on Gatsby)

Makes texts accessible for all abilities and learner types:

  • Breaks complex ideas down into manageable and interesting formats
  • Helps make links between ideas, and aids recall of key points

What do teachers say about this resource? (12502)

Extremely useful, particularly for groups of varying ability... The maps provide tasks and sections to fill in- meaning students must deploy their knowledge... There is also a sense in which the cheery sociable nature of such activities is rather helpful at the revision stage of the year with exams approaching, and is likely to lead to a happy 'revision atmosphere'... Many teachers would tend to use an approach of this type for revision purposes, but this resource takes it to a really superb level. The bespoke material and snappy presentation is a huge boon. It makes a much more focused experience. I like the freedom the maps afford me, but a less experienced teacher would benefit from the thorough supporting suggestions for each task... It provides a wealth of apposite questions... Really slick and will support strong, confident pupils as well as less confident learners. The boxes for quotations and others for analysis are opportunities for differentiation: the more confident will then support the less, and should make for excellent peer learning... There is a good balance of supporting material, thoughtful questions and more open-ended tasks and 'points to consider'. This is likely to support students well, but also keep their minds open as they have to find evidence and interpretations for themselves... The analytical side of the writer's knowledge is really at the top of their game, and shrewd, pithy knowledge is imparted alongside opportunities for deeper reflection.

B Coulthard, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11693)

A strong resource with a good range of tasks and ideas to work with... Each mind map is interestingly developed... I like the range of tasks and the fact that each mind map focuses on a specific element rather than walking through each scene - the key events in particular are helpful and would be beneficial as both homework and in class development/revision. I really like the final few mind maps being focused on critical reception and literary interpretations. Again these higher order ideas can sometimes be forgotten as part of the mind map process so it was helpful to see how this might be used to develop highest attaining pupils... The teacher's notes/suggested content is also really detailed - again this means the resource is versatile as it can be used by both newer and more experienced staff... This resource will enhance learning effectively, as it could be used either in lesson or beyond the classroom... This would help develop student engagement and understanding in the text during a first reading. Furthermore, the mind map construction is a particularly helpful way to focus on and develop revision skills in year 13, especially the later maps... This resource is particularly effective in addressing all of the AOs... An excellent resource, really interesting way of approaching Othello.

C Testa, MAT English Lead & Peer Reviewer

An extremely useful and valuable resource that is detailed and addresses the AOs. The tasks can be used for revision after reading the play, in preparation for the exam, or after each key scene or event. It is adaptable to different teaching methods and as such is extremely effective... It appeals to the visual needs of learners, encouraging them to connect ideas and relationships between different characters and themes... I feel that this can take students on a detailed journey throughout the text, exploring each key scene and event in detail and allowing them to connect to context and wider reading... The terminology used in the resource matches the a level specification and encourages students to use this within their writing... The layout is visually one of the most impressive resources I have reviewed... It matches the specification exactly by encouraging students to review assessment objectives, particularly context and wider reading... This is one of the most detailed and well structured resources I have seen and would be an asset to any department.

S Kinsey, Teacher of English & Peer Reviewer

Comprehensive, creative, and focused. The mind map activities were succinct and targeted at particular sections of the play, characters or themes, and focused perfectly on the key moments of the play that pupils need to engage with in order to do well in their exams... I appreciated the notes for teachers: it is always so useful to have guidelines to follow as a teacher to support your own knowledge of the text and its delivery. The teacher notes gave comprehensive answers to each of the relevant points on the various mind maps and were an excellent, speedy go-to resource for the time-pressed teacher... This resource is versatile and would lend itself well to incorporation in a number of different ways. At its simplest, a teacher can supplement their own delivery of a unit on Othello by picking and choosing relevant mind maps to consolidate knowledge or develop a flipped-teaching approach. The resource would also, however, lend itself perfectly well to a self-study of the text or a revision pack to support learners and develop their knowledge further... The precision with which the mind maps targeted the Assessment Outcomes was impressive... Each mind map was a resource that easily led to differentiation with further activities and questions that would stretch the more able pupils alongside giving a worthy base level of knowledge that pupils would need... A rich, versatile resource that can be easily adapted and adopted by teachers in a range of different ways.

J Hathaway, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

It was very detailed and comprehensive. It is informed and accurate and the "Further Details" accurately describe how it could be used. It covers everything... I liked the way it could be used for blended learning and paired/group work as well as being potentially supportive of a single student. The focus on drama as a genre was also good... It would help continuous assessment of student understanding as well as revision work.

C Allison, Examiner and Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11986)

Absolutely phenomenal! It is really well laid out, incredibly detailed, and is a perfect resource to use for any ability - there is enough challenge for your highest attainers without being completely inaccessible to your mid or lower range attainers... Often with mind maps the format can feel repetitive or even clunky and although the overall layout is formulaic (as mind maps have to be) the actual tasks themselves encourage a wide range of ways into the text, deepening pupil knowledge and interpretation. The later tasks covering different ways of reading the text are particularly helpful as it encourages pupils to think about the text beyond its position in the canon... The suggested answers are so incredibly detailed! This means the resource can be used by any teacher of any familiarity with the text - this is something I would recommend both new and experienced teachers of The Handmaid's Tale... It makes for perfect consolidation of the reading of the text and would work really well assigned as homework alongside independent reading of the text prior to lessons and discussion. The layout works incredibly well and is easily accessible for all pupils... This resource is a must have for all teachers of A Level The Handmaid's Tale - it will save you hours of prep work and give you plenty of ready made activities to boost pupil knowledge and understanding!

C Testa, MAT English Lead, Fullbrook School & Peer Reviewer

Excellent. I was incredibly impressed with the approach taken which I think is especially helpful at A Level. The teacher’s notes section provides useful suggested answers... The whole intention of the resource is to facilitate individual response and discussion whilst providing a structured format to frame and record ideas - this is exactly what I would want when teaching A Level. The range of sections that include chapters, characters, form, theme etc. make for a very comprehensive resource... I really liked the critical reception page... I liked the timeline page, with the suggestions for other Atwood novels to read. The discussion points, research tasks and extension tasks are great additions. I liked the boxes for analysis, comment or examples. When a passage was identified for close analysis, I thought the way quotations were pulled out was very good. This would help a student who was feeling uncertain... Offers a superb balance between ambitious ideas and knowledge, and freedom to record individual interpretations. The knowledge included is exceptionally clear and accessible. It offers many opportunities to range beyond the resource with prompts for discussion which acknowledges the subjective nature of textual analysis and understanding... Very useful as a revision resource.

E McNally, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

An excellent, detailed and thorough resource that contained a multitude of different tasks and activities that a teacher could use to support their teaching of the text... Every mind map contained very thoughtful activities and also extension tasks to take learning further. The level of research that had gone into the creation of each and every mind map was superb, drawing upon a huge range of different ideas... The educational value of this resource lies in the creative, visual way it encourages students to interact with the text and develop their knowledge of the text. It is clearly aimed at satisfying the AOs.

J Hathaway, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource. Original idea. Great visual representation of ways to organise thoughts, and sequence ideas. Content breadth is impressive. I like the linked tasks for each topic too - organised, and systematic approach to revision and really understanding the complexities of The Handmaid's Tale. Includes critical responses as well as applying different approaches to a reading of the novel - fantastic... Impressed with the layout on the different pages. It is great to see extension tasks and discussion tasks, as well as the main challenge of collating information into a mindmap. It is a very detailed resource - a one stop guide! Like how there are further research links too - good for further research. Very thoughtfully structured... Very detailed pack, and contains tasks linking to all AOs. Some interesting contextual sections as well as a focus on themes and character, as well as key moments too. Systematic approach. A breath of activities to develop understanding and aid students in becoming exam ready... This will be an invaluable resource... Tasks enable students to have a very comprehensive set of notes in anticipation of the requirements for the final exam. Inclusion of critical responses is fantastic! Really helpful to have suggested answers too... All aspects I would have hoped to see embedded are interwoven... A fantastic and very thorough resource! Fills a gap in the market very well!

N Phillips, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7068)

A comprehensive resource that covers all key aspects that pupils need to understand... The chapter analysis is very helpful in supporting the revision and comprehension of a challenging novel... The mind map tasks are a useful focal point for research which can be individual or group. They are a useful visual revision tool and can be used to support feedback on research to the class... [The resource] includes probing questions which invite pupils to engage deeply with the text... I like the suggested answers to the mind map tasks... The visual nature of the resource provides excellent opportunities for pupils to link context more meaningfully to the text... I think it is excellent...

K McLoughlin, English Teacher & Customer (on Wuthering Heights)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7567)

A thorough, interesting and engaging resource that meets the criteria of my specification... I particularly liked the accessibility of this resource; the fact that it's arranged into discrete mind maps is perfect for both class and home use. Also, it promotes active learning with focused and appropriately modelled tasks which promote independent learning. Context (AO3) is handled particularly well ... and I was pleased to see detailed work on Literary Criticism (AO5) included as in order to access the upper grade bands, students should be comfortable exploring this area... [The resource] allows students to work at their own pace while providing lots of opportunity for extension. I particularly like the fact that it is an A Level resource that doesn't just simply include notes to facilitate a 'chalk and talk' style of A Level teaching.

J Callan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (on Dracula)

A very well organised resource that methodically worked its way through the text and identified key aspects relevant to the different AOs... I really liked the way in which it was structured to be used for either class discussion or prep activities and how it could supplement teaching of the text... The way in which the various mind maps encourage learners to interact with the text and think more deeply makes this an enriching resource that will educationally benefit pupils... I really liked the way in which it gave a range of critical references and responses, some contemporary and some from the present day.

J Hathaway, HoD & Peer Reviewer (on Dracula)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7071)

A very useful revision tool, helping students to get a very good overview of the text... I like the timeline of Scott and Zelda – a very useful visual summary... The mind maps on technical terms are a very useful tool to support aspects that pupils often overlook... The activities and structure of a mind map invite a more creative response and synthesis of overarching themes, ideas of symbolism... [Contains] a range of engaging revision activities that would help deepen and reinforce ... students’ understanding of the novel and hence their ability to write a high-scoring response to it in an exam... I really like the mind maps which facilitate the revision and reflection on the two chapters at a time. I think their visual nature will help students to retain the key points.

K McLoughlin, English Teacher & Customer (on Gatsby)