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About ZigZag Education

ZigZag Education is a Bristol-based, UK educational publisher which publishes photocopiable and digital teaching resources for schools and colleges. The resources listed on this website are written by a community of over 6,000 teachers, examiners and freelance subject specialists specifically for use in the classroom. Resources include a school/college single-site copy licence.

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ZigZag Education New Publication Blog

Set Work on a Page for GCSE Edexcel Music


Key features of each set work studied in Unit 3 concisely summarised on a single A3 page – all 12 set wor...

Music: Differentiated Exam Practice for GCSE Edexcel Italian – Reading


55 differentiated reading comprehension texts and exercises exactly matching the GCSE Edexcel specificati...

A* Writing Companion for GCSE AQA French Controlled Assessment


8 tried-and-tested strategies for boosting students’ grades in their Unit 4 writing controlled assessment...

Electronic Textbooks for GCSE AQA and OCR History


Topics available from today: OCR A Unit A954: American West e-textbook AQA A Unit 2D: Germany 1919-1945 e...

Drama: The Shadow of a Gunman Guide for AQA AS Unit 1 DRAM1


A comprehensive collection of commentaries and engaging student activities which explore this play from t...

OCR A Level Criminal Law Special Study 2015 Extension Guide


Extension for A and A* Students Stretch and challenge the most able students and enable them to reach the...

GCSE OCR A History A955 Exam Preparation Pack: Public Health in Britai...


Unique material, focused exam training and orginal sources with mock exams. Specifically tailored for the...

History: AQA PE 2015 Pre-Release Scenario Exam Preparation Pack Sectio...


A unique resource, totally focused on maximising exam performance and containing all the preparation mate...

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