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What’s it all about:

Fast and effective online interactive learning and eRevision. Covering the whole of Component 3: Health and wellbeing with 35+ fun interactive challenges covering every topic. Plus 90 marks' worth of exam-style questions with model answers. Differentiated content based on target grade.

The most enjoyable revision site yet

C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

My pupils adore this resource

L Godfrey, HoD & Happy Subscriber

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Features for Students:

  • 3-try system allows students to self-correct
  • Tailored to each student as they set their own target grade
  • 9 different interactive challenge types add huge novelty, promoting engagement

Benefits for Students:

  • Progress Tracking Map!
  • Provides instant feedback and allows for 3 times faster learning than traditional exercises
  • Addictive qualities of eRevision lead to unexpected high achievement

A great, intuitive system... My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally... eRevision helped the staff and students attain such impressive results

S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber

Benefits for Teacher:

  • No marking! ~ Integrated computer marking
  • Slots into any SoW
  • Constructive interactive homework ~ Teacher oversight of student progress. No marking!

I was very impressed with how motivating and engaging eRevision is!

J Ermina, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

All your homework set and marked!

P Knowles, Teacher & Happy Subscriber

Admin Features:

  • Easy set-up!
  • Intuitive class tracking
  • Optional parental access

It's varied, fun and engaging, with medals, trophies and leader boards and 9 different challenge types:

GapFill Concise topic summaries where students fill in the gaps in the text
– and in their knowledge too!
Exam Q 90 marks' worth of exam-style questions, which students self-mark using the model answer and mark scheme for guidance.
WipeOut Start with questions you have most confidence in, until you’re not sure; get it wrong, then it’s a wipeout!
PinDrop Interactive diagrams requiring the positioning of labels into their correct location.
Plus: MatchUp | MultiChoice | ReOrder | Categorise | TypeIt

What do teachers say about this resource? (9905, 10962)

A fantastic resource, which my students have used independently and it has meant less marking for myself due to the automatic marking. It is very well laid out and has become easy to use. It is student friendly and gives a variety of different ways students can revise and very different to ideas I have for them. Students can use it independently or I can set as homework tasks to keep the group on specific tasks... It is online, each student has their own log in and they can change their own target grade to challenge themselves... My Pupil Premium boys adore this resource and my SEN students. PP boys are coming into the library to do these activities to use the computers and SEN students are using it as extra work when in our curriculum support centre. Perfectly matches the BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 Health & Social Care Specification.

L Godfrey, Customer