Interactive English Resources for iPad

AQA GCSE Exam Skills Guide for iPad - £2.49

Designed for use with AQA English Language Unit 1 and AQA English Unit 1

Make English Language fun with this interactive, student-orientated guide to the reading and writing skills needed for the AQA GCSE English / English Language Unit 1 paper.

Builds proficiency in 8 key exam skills: reading, understanding, selecting and explaining quotations, explaining in your own words, analysing language, analysing presentation, making comparisons and writing. Students can work through the book at their own pace, or teachers can set tasks for the whole class.

  1. Clear, practical and relevant information gives students confidence in the exam. Includes student-friendly checklists and tips for success.
  2. Engaging and stimulating tasks throughout encourage students to engage with the material:
    • Short- and long-answer writing activities
    • Fill-in-the-blanks
    • Multiple-choice quizzes
    • Visual activities
    Answers are saved within the book, and can be easily emailed to the teacher when complete.

This is not your average textbook!

Lord of the Flies Interactive Guide for GCSE English Literature for iPad - £4.99

A student-centred, interactive guide designed to be used with iPads to support students' exploration of Lord of the Flies as part of their GCSE in English Literature.

Students will explore Lord of the Flies through clear and concise analysis, interactive activities, thought-provoking points and essay practice.

All of the following key areas are covered, making this guide useful for any exam board or specification:

  1. Background to the author and the text
  2. Contextual importance and influence
  3. Key event analyses
  4. Key character analyses
  5. Writer techniques
  6. Communicating key themes and key ideas
  7. Different interpretations and critical reception of the novel
  8. Writing an essay

Original and high-quality illustrations throughout aid comprehension and create a visually attractive guide that students will want to use. Extract recordings also enhance enjoyment of study!

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