Spoken Language Teaching Pack for GCSE (9–1) English Language

Build confidence for the GCSE (9–1) English Spoken Language non-examination assessment. Packed full of inspirational examples, versatile activities and helpful worksheets, this eight-lesson tried-and-tested scheme of work is the perfect tool for developing essential speaking skills – not only for the GCSE (9–1) course, but for life.

Excellent! ...gives useful and practical advice to maximise students' potential...

...Invaluable to both English teachers and their students. It has thought of everything!

J Lopes, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Assessment

Lesson 2: Examples and Proposals
Includes a Topic Generator and Crowdsourcing Ideas!

Lesson 3: Structure and Organisation
Includes a Presentation Organiser!

Lesson 4: Achieving Purpose

Lesson 5: Keeping the Audience Engaged

Lesson 6: Body Language

Lesson 7: Standard English and Formality

Lesson 8: Polishing the Performance
Includes useful links to YouTube videos such as ‘How to control nerves’

  • Eight progressive lesson plans – with starter, main, plenary, extension and homework tasks – cover core speaking skills and minimise preparation time
  • All resources provided – a variety of visual worksheets to engage students and encourage self-assessment
  • A wide range of stimulating examples including well-known speeches from historical figures such as Churchill, and celebrities like Jamie Oliver

Easy to integrate into an existing scheme of work!

Suitable for all GCSE (9–1) English Language specifications

What do teachers say about this resource? (9749)

Very good, organised and clear... Good clear lesson plans... Clear resources for pupils to use... The thinking about learning sheets are a great way to show assessment... Homework tasks are relevant to the learning in that lesson... The inclusion of TED talk's is great as most pupils are already familiar with these... After these sets of lessons, pupils would be able to create and deliver a engaging presentation... Full of great resources to save the teacher time... Covers all the key points the pupils would need to think about in their presentations. A great resource.

S Barber, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent! It guides teachers and students through the process in preparing and delivering the spoken language presentation from the very beginning stages to the end performance. It encourages students to think about how they feel about presenting and also gives useful and practical advice to maximise students' potential... I really liked the tune into the assessment exercise that helps the students to check they understand the criteria and challenge them to consider their own starting points in terms of their skills, prior knowledge and confidence levels. I also like the presentation proposal sheet which encourages the students to clarify their chosen topic and to ensure that it is appropriate... The topic generator and mini-presentation activities are extremely helpful in supporting the students so they can form ideas and also in building their confidence... Invaluable to both English teachers and their students. It has thought of everything!

J Lopes, HoD & Peer Reviewer

It is incredibly thorough and organised well into appropriate sections.

I like the preparing for assessment sheets.

The breakdown of the marking/assessment criteria is useful and accessible for students.

Useful proposal sheet and I like the sheet used to assess the success of other presentations.

I like the various suggestions of methods to encourage students to come up with their best possible subject for their presentations – the resources encourage them to think outside the box.

The links to public speakers and their advice is incredibly useful.

The material on rhetorical devices/strategies and hooks is excellent.

It is well matched to the specification, in that I feel students who complete this all are in a good position to do well.

A Davie, English Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer