Musical Terminology Activity Packs for AS and A Level OCR Music

Comprehensive activity packs ensure students get to grips with essential musical terminology for the 2016 AS and A Level Music specifications. The perfect addition to your teaching for listening and appraising.

Varied and appealing activities build confidence and familiarity with musical language. Activities include: Table Fill, Crosswords (plus interactive versions), Dominoes and Flash Cards.

But that’s not all...
Most areas of study contain:
  • Interactive audio crosswords for instruments and intervals, where clues are playable sounds – improve aural recognition
  • Visual match-ups for intervals, scales and key signatures – develop score reading skills

  • Student-friendly definitions – broken down into manageable topics to make complex terms accessible to all
  • Comprehensive glossary and solutions – for easy marking
  • CD-ROM format – allows straightforward sharing on the school network
  • Endless uses – homework, starters, plenaries, revision lessons or individual support

Specification content broken down into manageable topics based on musical elements and areas of study, so you can fit the activities into any lesson.

A high quality resource. I use the crosswords with high and middle ability and the word-match activities with my lower ability students. Dominoes allow all students access and make learning fun

M Sidell, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Previews of all types of activities provided on CD are below. Some of these activities are provided on paper; to view a sample of these from the specific resource, click on the 'Preview' button.