Brighton Rock: Comprehensive Guide for AS and A Level

Set text for:
  • Edexcel A Level
  • AQA B AS & A Level

Brighton Rock today remains an innovative and daring example of twentieth-century crime writing that exposes the seedy undercurrent of life in a large 1930s seaside town, with its crime rackets, razor gangs and unbridled corruption. Examine Greeneā€™s ruthless teenage villain and skilled amateur detective with exceptionally detailed analysis and tasks helpfully cross-referenced to the AOs.

Some excellent detailed analysis... Certainly would give students (and teachers!) a greater understanding of the text and its characters

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Consolidate and deepen learning!


  • discussion prompts
  • active learning exercises
  • further reading suggestions
  • key literary and linguistic terms
The pack tackles the key stages of text analysis:
  1. Walk-through
    Thorough section-by-section commentary walks students through each chapter
  2. Drawing it all together
    In-depth discussion of whole text focuses on: characterisation, relationships, genre, themes, attitudes and values, language, form, structure, context, literary approaches
  3. Indicative content
    Supports teaching by ensuring all key areas are covered

Plus! Glossary of key terms ensures full understanding

What do teachers say about this resource? (9009)

This is very detailed and is a good resource for understanding the text... I liked the chapter-by-chapter analysis and found that detailed and comprehensive... This would be good for a new teacher who did not know the text or for a student who needed a bit of knowledge boosting.

J Sallabank, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good study guide overall with lots of detail about the text... I liked the chapter-by-chapter summaries and the detailed exploration of each of the chapters. Some excellent detailed analysis... It certainly would give students (and teachers!) a greater understanding of the text and its characters.

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer