Poems of the Decade: Mind Maps with Activities for AS/A Level Edexcel

Highly visual and engaging A3 mind maps and activities covering all the prescribed poetry in Poems of the Decade for AS and A Level Edexcel English Literature.

Prepare students for their exams!
  • Key term boxes help students grasp essential terminology and hit AO1!
  • Comparison suggestions across the anthology (AS) and with unseen poems (A Level) – great for AO4!

Perfect for consolidation, revision and encouraging independent learning.

  • 20 poem-by-poem mind maps deepen understanding of themes, structure, language and more!
    • Covers all relevant AOs for accessible, targeted revision
  • 3 whole-collection mind maps consolidate knowledge and connect elements of literary analysis across the collection
  • Plus! Essay Practice mind map with essential hints and tips to improve exam success!
  • Activities include independent analysis, discussion and stretch-and-challenge tasks – engage all abilities and learner types!
  • Answers included for easy marking