Methods of Language Analysis Scheme of Work for AS/A Level AQA

Each lesson includes:
  • Lesson Plans
  • Starters
  • Main Tasks
  • Extension Tasks
  • Plenaries
  • Differentiated Homeworks

Pick up and teach this comprehensive 7-lesson scheme of work with accompanying lesson plans, worksheets and indicative content. Everything you need to simplify planning and equip your students with the skills to critically analyse and evaluate unseen texts in their AS/A Level AQA exams!

  1. Overview Scheme of Work
    Focused objectives structured to the AOs with clear breakdown of the resources required for each lesson. Mix and match your teaching with ease!

  2. Detailed Lesson Plans
    Teacher’s notes, clear timings, key terms and differentiation ideas for the 6 AQA-prescribed areas of language. Plus! Concluding lesson enables students to apply learning with Paper 1 exam-style questions!

  3. Engaging Worksheets
    All main activities and homeworks provided in worksheet form. Contains a variety of individual and group tasks to suit all learner types, and extension tasks for speedy, higher-ability students.

  4. Indicative Content
    Full answers for easy marking and peer- or self-assessment!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8466)

A really comprehensive resource detailing different language framework clearly in student speak... The lesson plans are lovely and really detail the overview of lessons, with clearly set out activities and opportunities to adapt and change for the needs of the class... Really useful to learn the foundational knowledge required to approach the forensic style analysis of spoken language and non-fiction texts... Fantastic resource.

D Soltysik, Teacher of English / Head of Media & Peer Reviewer

an excellent resource for students starting A-Level English Language as well as students revising for their A-Level English exam. It covers all the language levels students need to access the course and to answer exam questions effectively. The example exam questions at the end of the resource are relevant as they are in the same style as the exam board’s and give students that familiarity with the exam. The homework tasks are differentiated but also challenging and there are a range of different tasks so the resource is accessible to all A-Level students... Useful definitions of some of the key terms... Homework tasks build on prior knowledge of previous tasks... A good mix of shorter and longer tasks... Easy to follow... Excellent for enhancing learning because it clearly complements the key content that students learn in lessons, so it will help them to consolidate their learning. The wide range of activities can also be used for revision at a later date, and the exam/assessment questions are in the same style as the exam board’s (AQA) so are very useful for preparing students for trial and/or real examinations... Will be extremely useful for teachers and students. It matches the A-level specification and course content perfectly so it is excellent to consolidate what students have learned in lessons. The tasks and information will help students to prepare for A-level examinations.

P Robson, Teacher of English & Peer Reviewer

Wow. An incredibly thorough document which leaves no stone unturned! I think the worksheets and homework ideas are brilliant... It enhances the learning of the basics required for the AQA course in the earlier weeks/months of learning. Students will have a clear foundation for the remainder of the course and can revisit these notes/tasks if needs be... It matches the levels and frameworks component of this specification exactly.

A Davie, English teacher since 1996 & Peer Reviewer

A very thorough resource that looks at a wide range of methods. The opening grids that group the methods together under the more generic headings is useful and the worksheets that go with each lesson plan are great!

The most obvious place of the spec this is helpful to is with the Language Investigation of the NEA as, just looking at the grid will help students decide on methodologies etc. However, the methods are relevant to the two papers too - there's no way of avoiding methods through any part of the spec really.

N Timmis, Teacher, Exam Board Moderator & Peer Reviewer

A good resource... The lessons plans are clear and the resource usefully includes answer sheets for ease... I really liked the worksheets - these will be incredibly useful for teachers and students revising the language levels. 

R Caveney, Teacher & Peer Reviewer