An Inspector Calls: Gifted and Talented Pack for GCSE CCEA

A fantastic selection of activities and worksheets designed to develop higher order learning skills and challenge gifted and talented students when studying An Inspector Calls for GCSE CCEA. The activities carefully build on the student’s memory, understanding and application of the text. They also encourage deeper analysis and evaluation and promote creative and independent responses.

Excellent resource for higher-ability students
– encouraging and challenging – love it!

K Greaves, Teacher of English & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Designed to give students control over their own learning and development while being able to work in mixed-ability classes and top sets collaboratively and independently.

Covers the key areas of the text:
  • important events
  • characters
  • language
  • structure
  • form
  • themes
  • ideas and interpretations

What do teachers say about this resource? (8381)

This is an excellently constructed resource... Particularly effective was the work that required pupils to see the text as a play... The language activities and detailed questions really allow pupils to focus on precision of analysis. In addition, I liked the range of Speaking and Listening tasks that require pupils to work together to achieve a common end... The range of website links is also excellent, allowing pupils to do their own continued research. This resource enhances learning through allowing pupils to work things out for themselves, in a range of different ways. Some work requires silent thought, while others need pupils to debate and discuss. The range of tasks allow pupils to develop reading, writing and oral skills effectively. The worksheets are sufficiently varied that teachers will find it easy to support the strengths of any pupil's style of learning.

Penglais English Dept, Peer Reviewers (1st edition)

Excellent resource for higher-ability students – encouraging and challenging – love it! I particularly like this resource because it uses graded exemplars and guides the students to achieve the highest grade they possibly can...
A lot of support is provided for the students in various ways e.g. modelling, graded exemplars... It clearly shows the students how to progress through the grades... Excellent resource which supports and encourages students. This resource challenges all students to explore this play in depth.

K Greaves, Teacher of English & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

A thorough and well-thought-through series of activities which introduce the play, its characters, themes and ideas without feeling as though pupils are simply being coached to pass the exam. The wide-ranging tasks especially encourage real, and sometimes deep, engagement with the text... I particularly liked the pupil-friendly definitions of the AOs... I also particularly liked the range of activities designed to be completed after each act. From puppets to summaries, predictions to graphs, the suggestions were creative and fun as well as meaningful... The scaffolded questions at the end of each act forced students to use inference and higher-order thinking without realising... I especially like the task on language connotations – it's something G&T pupils really should be engaging with.

J Shute, English Teacher (1st edition)

This is an excellent resource on the whole. It features a very broad range of activities on each of the acts, and the sections on exam preparation are particularly effective... I think that this resource is excellent in terms of enhancing learning as the focus is on interpretation and inference as opposed to content and narrative. The writing-based tasks also encourage students to think about characterisation too.

S Evans, HoD & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

This is learning- rather than content-driven, which is ideal for challenging more-able pupils... I liked the rundown at the start of the various theories and philosophies... The context and background section was given equal weighting to the study of the plot and characters – this is definitely key in pushing potential... Asking students what is added to the play by the presence of a line or character is an excellent technique... Lastly, I was pleased by the variation in the layout of the worksheets and task sheets.

E Evans, Teacher of English & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Generally very good and helpful. Some useful activities and well linked to examination specifications... This resource would enhance learning by giving a clear structure to the delivery of the text.

V Denman, HoD & Examiner (1st edition)

The resource provides a detailed approach to the play and is systematic in its structure. [It is]
easy to follow – could be used by supply teacher/NQT... Can use as support and does not need to be followed in its entirety... Fits with assessment foci used by the exam board and has pupil-friendly descriptors.

M Green, HoD & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)