The War of the Worlds GCSE Study Guide

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The War of the Worlds – the ever-popular sci-fi story which asks pertinent questions about science, power and the nature of empire. Discover how Victorian London deals with disaster to ‘overcome the monster’ with targeted, detailed notes and analysis to support students through this genre-defining novel.

Well structured, with clear sections... Useful for students to use as revision

R Smart, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (GCSE edition)
  1. Walkthrough – Build understanding of the chosen text with insightful and relevant commentary and analysis. All chapters are concisely summarised, then examined in detail.
  2. Whole-text Analysis – Explores: Characterisation • Relationships • Setting • Themes • Ideas and Messages • Language • Form • Structure • Context


  • Student-friendly plot summary
  • Key term glossary
  • Further reading
  • Original illustrations

Woven into the analysis throughout you will find:

  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation
  • Active learning tasks to deepen understanding
  • Essay tips and questions for excellent exam practice
  • Key term definitions to ensure students grasp difficult concepts

Suggested answers are provided for questions and activities.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7959)

Incredibly comprehensive. There was lots of info about the plot, characters, themes, relationships, language, structure and form of the text... I think this would be extremely beneficial to students studying the text for this first time. I liked the boxes that had the key words and also liked the way that the author linked everything to the assessment objectives... This resource enhances learning because it allows students to consolidate their reading of the text with more comprehensive and detailed information. Students are also able to apply their knowledge to the various activities that are embedded throughout the study guide... I liked the systematic way that the resource was arranged... The glossary was also a very useful addition.. Comprehensive and perfect for helping students prepare for their Literature exam... It is clear that the author has worked very hard to create such a detailed and comprehensive Study Guide. Thank you!

H Matharu, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

The resource is well structured, with clear sections. The summary and analysis comes first, which is useful, and on each chapter summary there are key words, active learning activities and practice exam questions. The sections on relationships between characters and settings were also very useful, considering aspects of the novel which might not be too obvious for many readers... It was useful for students to use as revision... The glossary at the back was also a useful part of the resource.

R Smart, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (GCSE edition)