Exam Preparation Packs for GCSE Edexcel

Apply set-text teaching to the exam with these focused companions, specifically tailored to the exam board.

This is an excellent resource in every way and would save a teacher hours of work... Best of all are the detailed work on examination responses, the chance to self-mark and the focus on the AOs

S Griffin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (Inspector Calls version)

Three structured steps to build success:

  1. Revision
    • At-a-glance topical summaries cover key points in an easy-to-digest format
    • Revision activities consolidate knowledge through quizzes, mind mapping, quotation analysis, close reading and more!
  2. Exam Preparation
    • Essay-focused exercises build planning and writing skills and improve exam technique
  3. Exam Practice
    • Plenty of original exam-style questions give practice in all areas – great for mock exams
    • Worked-through example takes students through planning, drafting and completing an essay in manageable steps
    • Sample essays with annotated versions and activities demonstrate how to improve grades

Lots of exemplars and ideas which would help students to focus and understand the requirements of the examination during the revision period

C Harvey, KS4 Coordinator & Peer Reviewer (Macbeth version)

Includes annotated sample essays!

Plus! Student-friendly self- or peer-mark scheme and suggested answers for all activities. Tasks can be set in class or for homework to enhance your revision schedule.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8239)

A comprehensive and student-friendly resource which matches the Edexcel specification requirements, particularly through its focus on the extract style questions. Although there are a number of worked examples and tables with useful student information, there is also ample opportunity for students to work independently on developing their skills for the examination... The scene summary table at the start was very useful, although the biggest strength of the resource is how it breaks down the process of writing an essay. The worked examples – with commentaries to explain why an essay would achieve a particular level – is also useful (and makes the assessment objectives easy to understand through student-friendly language). Having example student essays (with the opportunity to “workshop” these essays) is useful – it means the resource could be used either in a classroom setting with teacher input, or independently during student revision... As the resource has been tailored to the Edexcel Specification, the resource enhances the GCSE learning experience, in particular through by providing a useful support for students during more independent revision. There is an element of metacognition in some of the tasks – by breaking down the components of writing an essay, it helps students to understand how they should compile an argument, use evidence to support the argument and then write in a coherent way. The answers section (p. 74-84) is also useful, as it means the resource could be used to support remote learning / study leave. 

J Kearney, Assistant Head of English & Drama & Peer Reviewer

This resource was very well written and well thought out.

It was appropriate for the age of the learner and the activities will help the learner to understand what is required of them in an exam as well as having a deeper understanding of the text.

I particularly liked the activities. I liked the design and the ability for the students to have a good understanding of what the examiner will be looking for.

I would use this resource in my teaching practice. I think it promotes independence as well as giving the student a good understanding of each of the areas of the text as well as understanding, plot, structure, setting and context.

Matches the specification well.

M Black, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

Comprehensive... I liked the way that the resource built up from summary to analysis in a way that would easily transfer to a scheme of work... The links to the AOs are helpful, and the revision activities are also beneficial and will save teachers a lot of time with these ready-made exemplars. M Smyth, Assistant Vice Principal and Independent Reviewer

M Smyth, Assistant Vice Principal & Peer Reviewer (Macbeth version)

It has lots of exemplars and ideas which would help students to focus and understand the requirements of the examination during the revision period... I particularly liked the scene-by-scene key themes suggestion – something I would certainly use in my teaching – and the breakdown of timings is a useful visual organiser... This resource would really help students to understand the requirements of each AO and to revise the themes and context of the play. The essay planning ideas would also help them to understand how to approach the exam questions.

C Harvey, KS4 Coordinator & Peer Reviewer (Macbeth version)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7565)

I thought this resource was excellent. It is clearly focussed on the exam criteria and contains a range of excellent examples, information and activities.

I really liked the essay planning and student assessment grids. The support provided by the resource will enable students to use this resource independently as well as when delivered by a teacher.

The step by step approach to plot, characters and themes ensures that ALL students have access to the essential information, but this is then supported with worked essays, SPaG activities and suggestions.
The use of the student friendly marking grids and annotated responses clearly show the close link to the specification. Comments about context are appropriate - this is not a history essay and this resource puts context into context!

K Jagger, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This is an excellent resource in every way and would save a teacher hours of work especially at the moment when there are so few past papers and little exemplar material available... Best of all are the detailed work on examination responses, the chance to self-mark and the focus on the AOs... Brilliant resource.

S Griffin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (Inspector Calls version)

Really effective revision of An Inspector Calls with Edexcel specific information on Assessment Objectives. Tasks useful for independent revision and also ideas for within a classroom setting with full teacher answer materials. Thorough focus on character, plot and theme with explicit essay writing skills... Like the focus on key quotations, use of images and focus on links between characters, writers methods and purpose within the plot... Engaging tasks where pupils mark exemplar answers and then use their knowledge to mark and improve their own work... Detailed focus on AO4 which sometimes gets forgotten with range of vocabulary/sentence structure tasks to improve essay writing skills.

C Peake, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

The resource was comprehensive and had a good range of ideas and activities. It was well written and constructed, taking the students (and teachers) from the basics of scene summaries, and building up gradually to full examination answers... Annotated exemplars are very valuable, and I liked the fact that these were linked to the AOs.

M Smyth, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (Inspector Calls version)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7476)

Excellent - really well organised and useful.

The sample questions are particularly useful, especially with the exemplar responses that follow. Provide excellent models for students to work with, and to apply mark scheme to so they can understand how to achieve.

Writing frames really useful for getting students started with responses.

N Timmis, English Subject Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9774)

I thought that this resource was excellent, and certainly offers very good value for money.

Tte resource flowed very well, and that it would be very clear to teachers and students alike how the author had structured it in order to enhance their work on Great Expectations.

The range of activities is excellent - there is a good variety of individual, pair and group tasks, and also tasks which could be used for any of the above, or even individual homework activities. The guidance given to teachers regarding how to use the resource is really very helpful indeed.

The chapter by chapter synopsis is very good, as are the character studies. They are long enough to refresh students’ memories of the text, but short enough to be read and digested fairly quickly. I also very much like the extension tasks and the emphasis on how to annotate sections of the text so as to ensure personal connection with and response to it.

Most impressive. It is packed with material, and I would have loved to have used it when I studied Great Expectations myself.

H Smith, I teach English at all levels up to and including Oxbridge entrance & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8460)

I really liked the exemplar answers that were worked through with detailed commentaries; these would be helpful for all ability of students... The worked-through exemplars have an excellent task modelling how to embed quotations... Really useful for exam preparation. It's clearly focused on the assessment criteria ... and would be useful for both students and teachers familiarising themselves with the requirements of the question... The commentaries stick closely to the exam question examples I've seen so far.

S Comley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (Christmas Carol version)

I liked the extracts identified in the example papers section as making exam-style papers is very time-consuming... The mark schemes provided are very useful...

C Harvey, KS4 Coordinator & Peer Reviewer (Christmas Carol version)

What do teachers say about this resource? (7702)

A helpful resource... I like the range of questions and the use of exemplar responses. [The] chapter summary is very useful... A useful resource for providing teachers with a bank of questions to help prepare students for the exam...

L Deighton, HoD & Peer Reviewer (Woman in Black version)