Love through the Ages Pre- and Post-1900 Poetry: Mind Maps and Activities for AS/A Level

Enhances learning by giving students a really clear visual guide to the most important aspects of the different poems... Activities focus students’ understanding on the different AOs to help them tackle the exam. C Webb, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer (Post-1900)
Perfect for Revision!

Target all abilities and learner types with these inspiring and highly visual A3 mind maps for AS and A Level AQA A English Literature. Perfect for consolidation, revision, and encouraging independent learning.

  • Poem-by-poem mind maps provide focused analysis, essential context, and valuable critical perspectives – break down all AOs for accessible and painless revision.
  • Whole-collection mind maps connect elements of literary analysis for full understanding across all poems – essential for the A Level Section C comparison question.
  • Diverse activities including research, discussion and comparative tasks ensure engagement and develop personal and evidenced responses – vital for exam success.
  • Answers included!

Plus! Detailed exam advice for AS and A Level – sample essay extracts clearly demonstrate how to achieve top marks.
A very comprehensive exploration of the poems … The inclusion of suggested answers is useful both to facilitate independent study and to support teachers. R Shakeshaft, Head of English and Independent Reviewer (Post-1900)