Love in Jane Eyre: Theme Tracker for AS/A Level AQA A

Complement your set-text teaching with these innovative theme-focused resources. Notes, quotes and activities help students analyse their studied novel through the key specification topic of Love Through the Ages.

Covers absolutely everything required of the A-Level spec...

...Well done ZigZag – this is an excellent resource

K Chanter, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  1. Set the scene with introductory notes for both theme and text
  2. Concentrate attention on relevant features with focused, student-friendly analysis
    • Explore characters, language, form, structure, setting, themes and critical reception
    • Quotation analysis pinpoints key ideas
    • Literary terms defined in context and in a comprehensive glossary
  3. Build analytical skills and consolidate thematic application with varied, creative activities – suggested answers included!
  4. Practise close reading with thematically important annotated extracts and accompanying activities

The authorial comments are at all times stimulating and thought-provoking, whilst the student-oriented activities are very diverse, with a strong balance between exam practice and other types of activities

C Webb, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Presented as an A5 booklet for easy use – a perfect co-teachable companion for study and revision.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7138)

A very strong resource and ... very much needed. Students seem to have a lack of awareness about the wider theme of love, and this enables them to look at it in depth, and be able to relate it to the ideas in the text. It takes a methodical approach to moving through the text, in a very user-friendly fashion... I like the discussion of the form and context. These are the elements which I feel are students' weak spots and [this] would solve what seems a mystery to the students. I really like the way that it takes each of the suggested types of love as mentioned in the AQA specification and explores them in depth in relation to the novel... Named critical responses are incredibly useful, as AQA specify that if critical reception is being used, they must name a critic rather than respond generically... Covers absolutely everything required of the A-Level spec... The analysed extracts are particularly useful as they encourage students to closely look at the language structure and form... It has clearly been written by an expert practitioner. Well done ZigZag – this is an excellent resource.

K Chanter, HoD & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource with a wide variety of activities and level of detail. The intellectual level is excellent and the references to other critical viewpoints are very stimulating... Very well planned, with a clear insight into the theme... The authorial comments are at all times stimulating and thought-provoking, whilst the student-oriented activities are very diverse, with a strong balance between exam practice and other types of activities... Provides activities which show an awareness of the AO4 requirement to compare texts...One of the resource's strengths is the provision of so many practice essay questions. The context guide to the text was excellent... Very helpful to have the section on the history of love... The fact that the resource looks at form and structure as separate sections is particularly good ... as this is something that students find very difficult... The range of critics quoted from is really helpful... The analysed extracts at the end provide useful practice... Finally, the key terms glossary also provides an excellent resource for students and will be most helpful for the AO1 literary language requirement.

C Webb, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A thorough and concise resource... With tasks and sample extract analysis, along with suggestion answers for the activities, this provides a useful support for students as they prepare for the exam... the further reading suggestions will allow brighter students to pursue their own independent study... Practice essay titles are very useful, with suggestions for potential answers... The summaries of the text’s critical reception are also illuminating. It is pleasing to see that language, form AND structure are all addressed, giving students ways into the text at all three levels... In the activities, students are provided with useful opportunities to compare their text with another, which helps them to prepare for their exam... There are some very useful discussion points at the end of each section, which allow students to consider text and context together. The tasks cover a wide range of activities, suiting a range of learning styles – notes, mind maps, grids, wider reading etc. The close analyses of key extracts act as a fine model to show how detailed exam responses need to be... An effective revision tool, which well supports the previous teaching of the text.

S Owen, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive and useful guide. A great level of detail included which would most definitely enhance the students’ knowledge of the text... Clear sections on form and structure, which is something that many students would find useful... The fact that is focused on what the students really need – the Assessment Objectives – is great... I’m positive it would enhance my teaching of this text. It would ease my preparation and, more importantly, be really helpful to my students.

N Worgan, KS5 Coordinator & Peer Reviewer