Paper 1 and Paper 2: Practice Papers for GCSE AQA

Give your students the support they need to prepare for the new GCSE exams. Three full practice papers for Paper 1 and for Paper 2 that mirror the AQA sample assessment material exactly.

Fantastic and much needed

P Town, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The papers ensure students are familiar with the new format, are ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the AOs.

Plus! Sample answers and examiner’s commentary for every paper – help students understand marking, improve their answers, and achieve top grades
  • Carefully chosen extracts and thought-provoking themes including mystery, lifesavers and snow
  • Full student-friendly mark schemes – ideal for quick marking or self-assessment
  • Perfect for mock exams!

    Model student responses are a sought after feature...Italicised examiner feedback is also useful following the initial marking task - Great idea!

    F Remington, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6985)

Fantastic and much needed... incredibly useful for the new specification both in terms of teaching, writing mock exams and teacher knowledge of marking standards... this resources cuts to the chase and is simply mock papers and answers – nothing superfluous.

P Town, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Excellent resource with superb examples of the AQA Language Paper... I liked the focus on assessment so that teachers can look at student responses and how marks have been awarded. The example stimulus is very creative. ... This resource uses examples of writing to enable students to focus on level descriptors. The examples from students' responses with analysis are very useful indeed. The reading paper is also superb. ... The resource matches the spec brilliantly.

S Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The resources are of the right level of difficulty, and the questions follow the AQA format. There is a good range of texts, and the resource also provides sample responses to discuss with classes.

J Parsons, HoD and ZigZag Customer

The texts selected for the reading sections are engaging and challenging. I particularly liked the inclusion of the sample responses for the questions: this makes is immediately more useful as a teaching resource.

R Shakeshaft, HoD and Peer Reviewer

It follows the exam format exactly and so provides students with examples for the English Language exam

N Boyce, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I liked the extracts and the author seems very knowledgeable.

K Bell, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

It’s always refreshing to see a well-thought out exam practice resource which clearly reflects the real exam students will have to face.

A J Harrington, Independent Reviewer

I thought the actual sample papers were really good and very close to the actual sample ones published by the board.

S Boulton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6986)

Model student responses are a sought after feature of this exam practice process! Italicised examiner feedback is also useful following the initial marking task. Great idea!

Source A for exam: Women fighting on frontline – what a quirky, inspirational issue regarding challenging gender stereotypes!

F Remington, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I really liked the question example, followed by what the student should be looking for and then analysis of the answers. The targets to help students to work on inference are very good... This is very good in setting out the Assessment Objectives and how to succeed in answering thoroughly. Excellent for teachers to see examples of how to mark Paper 2, and how to set targets. This is a step-by-step informative guide on getting students to answer thoroughly and to see what would gain high marks. The analysis is superb.

S Fallon, Tutor and Independent Reviewer

The inclusion of varying student responses is a really helpful teaching tool and sets this resource apart from other exemplar material... It will be very useful as a revision tool for students to practise their own examination technique. The sample responses also mean that it will be very useful in terms of teaching as the different standards for different levels of response are exemplified.

R Shakeshaft, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer

I feel the resource matches the specification very well as the entire resource is structured exactly like the paper and includes relevant tasks for teachers to use. Clear and accurate guidance for teachers on the levels of the sample answers. This should help teachers not only with delivering the content of this course, but also with the marking of their own students’ work. The comments are clear and state what the student needed to do to improve, which will help many students. I also like how examples of planning have been included on the exemplar responses.

K Greaves, Teacher and Independent Reviewer