Differentiated Homeworks for KS3 PE

Support transition into GCSE PE (and other vocational sport qualifications) with these carefully selected independent learning tasks for KS3 students.

30 interesting and versatile activities, each differentiated at two levels – allowing you to tailor tasks for each student.

Perfect Preparation!

Explore, Research and Apply key issues and bring PE to life:

  • ‘Mix and match’ as homeworks, cover sessions or classroom-based learning tasks
  • Answers provided – for easy marking
  • Great cross-curricular links provide skills in research, report writing and data interpretation
  1. Exploration Worksheets – Introduce and test basic knowledge across all key topics in PE – building reflective learners to inform GCSE PE strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Research Tasks – Delve deeper into the topic – developing study skills and self-managers for future learning.
  3. Application Tasks – Bring theory to life – building connections and applying PE knowledge to real-life sporting examples and through valuable practicals.
Covers the major topics from all of the GCSE specifications:
1. Nutrition 2. Fitness 3. Health 4. Skeletal System 5. Goal Setting 6. Cardiovascular System 7. Respiratory System 8. Participation Rates 9. Risks & Injury 10. Physical Activity Development

What do teachers say about this resource? (6302)

I really like it, the range and versatility and ability to mix and match is impressive. All key topic areas are addressed and I would personally be quite happy if more of my students had acquired some of this knowledge.

R. Devlin, Director of Learning PE & Peer Reviewer