Differentiated Homeworks for BTEC First in Sport (2018 Award): Unit 1

Updated for the 2018 Award specification!

Fifteen comprehensive and challenging homeworks fully covering every topic from Unit 1 of the BTEC First in Sport (2018 Award) specification.

Interesting and differentiated activities provide two versions of each homework – allowing you to tailor work to the needs of individual learners.

  • Opportunities for application – bring theory to life – building connections between theory and sporting examples – perfect for the Unit 1 exam.
  • Extension activities – stretch and challenge both higher- and lower-ability students.
  • Differentiated exam-style questions – draw students’ focus back to exam preparation
  • Answers provided for easy marking

Also includes...

  • Plenary Research task to help develop independent enquirers, delving deeper into theory content.
  • Revision Quiz – Great for revisiting unit content as you approach the exam.
Fully referenced against the specification to support curriculum planning and mapping

Differentiated Homeworks are also available for KS3...

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