Homework Booklets with Answers for Year 8 (Second Edition)

A comprehensive KS3 pack that will solve all your homework problems. Enough activities to last the entire year.

Value for money...

...National Curriculum mapped...

...It's all there!

B Jones, Teacher & Customer (1st edition)

⇧ Review based on 1st edition - it's now even better!

Includes activities for:

It's differentiated. Students at ALL levels can complete the tasks

B Jones, Teacher & Customer (1st edition)
  1. Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  2. Reading comprehension skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Vocabulary practice

What do teachers say about this resource? (5675)

Extremely useful resource... It's differentiated. Students at ALL levels can complete the tasks... Very easy to pick up on misunderstandings... It's all there!... Value for money... National Curriculum mapped.

B Jones, Teacher & Customer (1st edition)

It focuses on all key elements of the reading and writing schemes. Tasks are well suited to a variety of pupils... Progress sheets... allow the learner to know what they need to show in their work in order to progress to the next level – a good approach for Assessment for Learning... Teacher is able to target areas of individual pupil weaknesses from the range of resources provided... Plenty of opportunities are provided in all sections for pupils to consolidate learning through continued practice and to expand their knowledge and skills through extension tasks. Range of approaches taken ensures that a wide range of different learning styles are catered for... Allows pupils to access English at their current working level and progress from that point.

J Lewis, HoD & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Timesaver... You could easily take out relevant chunks and put together a pack for any year group saving hassle on what homework to set... A good booster for SATs

P Ault, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Thorough... Encourages independent thinking and allows students to gradually build on existing knowledge... a good variety of texts for the reading section and an appealing reading list offering demanding but enjoyable texts... Information regarding levels allows student to take responsibility for moving their own learning forward but also allows teacher to personalise the learning, focusing on individual areas of weakness. Parents can see what their child has to do to progress... Self-assessment information matches requirement for independent learners. The tasks cover the Y8 learning objectives for the renewed English framework for reading and writing.

M Taylor, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Useful... wide-ranging... The explanations are clear and I especially like the revision of spelling rules... APP focus and particular attention to the AF very clear

S Maddox, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

A very useful and well-thought-out resource. There were plenty of ideas and I felt it could be used in different ways... I liked the variety of activities as it looked at all aspects of English... would make the teacher's life easier and would ensure students had homework every week... aimed at students of different academic abilities

G Brown, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)