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OCR Lit: Andrew Marvell: Poetry Comprehensive Guide for A Level

A collection of intelligently written and well-researched study notes with discussion prompts, activities and practice essay questions on 13 selected poems by Andrew Marvell.

Guide includes:
  • Introduction to Metaphysical poetry
  • Advice on how to study poetry
  • Background information on Marvell and the time period
  • Key over-riding themes
  • Poetry analysis with copies of the poems and activities for:
    • To His Coy Mistress
    • The Garden
    • On a Drop of Dew
    • The Coronet
    • The Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Fawn
    • The Mower Against Gardens
    • The Mower’s Song
    • The Definition of Love
    • A Dialogue Between The Soul and Body
    • A Dialogue Between the Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure
    • An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell’s Return From Ireland
    • Bermudas
    • Upon Appleton House, to my Lord Fairfax
  • Applying critical theories, such as New Historicism, Psychoanalytic Theory and Eco-criticism
  • Exam preparation and revision help
  • Further reading and a brief glossary

Due to its academic nature, it is great for pushing more able students and to be used to help plan a comprehensive scheme of work to cover his poetry.