Wide Sargasso Sea

Focused Activity Pack

Very tight focus on language, form & structure. K Bell, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Stimulating & engaging activities encourage high-level textual analysis.

Activities focus on: each part of the novel, language, form, structure, the Byronic Hero, and more!

  • Extra activities making vital connections with Jane Eyre great for Edexcel Literature Unit 2 & AQA ELLB2
  • Wider reading section expands upon the themes of the novel with well-chosen excerpts and thoughtful questions encouraging comparison

  • Bonus materials for AQA A Literature Units 3 & 4:
    • Examination answer plan
    • Exam style questions
    • A guided response
    • Examination checklist
    • A sample answer, annotated with the AOs
    • Inspirational coursework titles

    A good resource... very useful for teaching the text & particularly good at providing links with other texts. The detailed questions are thought-provoking & enhance in-depth understanding of plot, characterisation, narrative & stylistic techniques. Very effective teaching ideas & stimulat[ing] challenging coursework ideas. E Hewitt, HoD & Independent Reviewer
    [The author] has been very thorough in her reading of Wide Sargasso Sea & posed a range of questions which will help a teacher to think in more detail about how to examine this novel. The range of questions will stretch thinking & encourage research. The answers provide a handy prompt to my own thinking. P Rapley, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

    Comprehensively meets
    Has also been identified for
    Open Units Semi-Open Units Shakespeare Units
    Edexcel Literature Unit 1
    AQA B Language & Literature Unit 2 (until 2012)
    OCR Language & Literature Unit 1 (until 2012)
    Edexcel Literature Unit 4
    OCR Literature Unit 4
    WJEC Literature Unit 3
    OCR Language & Literature Unit 2
    OCR Language & Literature Unit 4
    Edexcel Language & Literature Unit 4
    AQA A Literature Unit 3 (Love Through the Ages)
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    Edexcel Language & Literature Unit 4 (Women’s Lives)
    AQA A Literature Unit 4