Romeo and Juliet KS3 Scheme of Work

Amazing resource pack offering fun and exciting tasks for the key scenes of Romeo and Juliet. Students will develop a keen understanding of the play's structure, language and viewpoints, as well as studying literary and historical contexts.

Excellent, easy to understand and very student orientated

L Casey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • All supporting resources included, including worksheets and extracts from the play.
  • Explores all seven Assessment Focuses prescribed for assessing pupils' work in reading by QCA.
  • Ideal for practice before studying Shakespeare for the SATs.

Interesting tasks and information...

...covers a variety of topics and introduces some interesting ideas...

...challenging enough to trigger pupils' imagination and bring out their writing skills

V Kondou, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (2169)

Excellent, a great range of alternative activities. Well laid out and easy to use... It allowed us to put together a scheme of work quickly and easily... Students have really enjoyed the worksheets... Everything is ready to use... All ZigZag resources I've used (English and Geography) have been excellent.

A Pattinson, Teacher & Customer

It's excellent. Very high quality. I'm happy to see it's also very student-centred... [I particularly like] the well-organised structure, clear objectives, content, the varied and interesting activities, the clear layout and super, appropriate graphics... It gives a clear analysis of the key scenes and makes students think about the play... Just the kind of attractive presentation young students respond to... [Matches the specification] brilliantly. The work scheme is very clear and linked explicitly to national curriculum specifications... Excellent stuff. In over 20 years teaching, I've rarely met a teacher who can produce such good quality resources and ZigZag are lucky to have found this person.

L Keen, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An impressive resource with a lot of interesting tasks and information... I loved everything! How it covers a variety of topics and it introduces some interesting ideas for work... It is challenging enough to trigger pupils' imagination and bring out their writing skills. It teaches the scenes, giving all the background information of the play and the author... It is a well-written resource therefore I would not change anything.

V Kondou, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent, easy to understand and very student orientated. All of the resources help the students understand the play... develops an understanding of the play as a whole... It helps the student by giving them an understanding of the feud between the two families... the worksheets are easy to understand.

L Casey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Well referenced for teachers with pupil friendly and attractive worksheets. Comprehensive and value for money resource. Covers more than simply the plot. Good spread of reading and writing tasks... Liked the link to AF and NC... Liked the specific homework tasks and effective differentiation... Liked the range of additional writing and reading activities linked to this scheme of work... Ties the teaching to the renewed Framework for KS3. Clear and obvious outcomes that can demonstrate progress made by all pupils... Liked the presentation. Illustrations were eye-catching... Clear link to 7 Assessment Foci.

C Storm, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Lesson plans useful for people teaching the play for the first time as guidance. Many useful worksheets with relevant notes. The resources would support teaching effectively, especially as extension activities and homework tasks. The layout of the worksheets is very clear and easy to follow.

R Caveny, Peer Reviewer

Overall, this was a good resource, some variety, some differentiation. I feel that including the text of the key scenes is useful for schools strapped for resources/ copies of the play. I thought teachers using the resource specifically for SATs 9 (in England) would be able to see from the planning pages just what ATs they were addressing and the variety of different skills that were included.

J Marsh, Peer Reviewer