Romeo and Juliet: Weaker Learner Support Pack for GCSE

All activities are linked to student-friendly assessment objectives so that students understand how their studies relate to their exam.

Aim 1 – Engage weaker learners with the text
Characters speak directly to students to summarise the plot before and after reading the play.

Aim 2 – Support their understanding of key literary aspects
Worksheets include stimulating and well-pitched activities to engage students with main events, all key characters, major themes, form and structural features, and language. Also includes a supporting PowerPoint presentation!

Suitable for:
  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • Eduqas
  • OCR

Aim 3 – Consolidate their knowledge ready for the exam
Essay-writing advice, example essay answers, plot mind map, a whole-text quiz and a key terms glossary ensure students are fully prepared for the exam.

  • Full answers included
  • Original illustrations
  • Tips and ‘Challenge’ tasks throughout

What do teachers say about this resource? (12549)

A standout resource, very well suited to its target student users and packed full of activities that keep their focus on the play. The variety of activities was the strongest element, followed by the simplicity and directness of the tasks... The Content of Activities by Assessment Objectives table was very clear and also served as a handy ‘spotter’ for teachers wanting to quickly choose an activity to suit an AO... I love the ‘student speak’ easy explanation for the AOs. This will be incredibly useful for weaker learners as they often struggle to understand how their own work related to the mark schemes... Using road signs as a way of explaining foreshadowing is inspired as well as simple... Creating their own prologue as practice for AO4 is also a great way for students to make that essential connection between what they see as exciting entertainment and the fact that Shakespeare’s plays were seen the same way by contemporary audiences... The Courtroom Drama activity, with a choice of tasks, is very inventive and creative... I think this resource goes a long way to enhancing learning for students who might usually struggle. The activities are entertaining so that even if the students feel they do not like the play, they will probably enjoy the activities, and so aid their learning... I like how every activity is linked closely to the text and the skills/knowledge needed to succeed with it in the exam. Every activity has a clear path to success embedded in it... The resource matches the specification and interprets it well and with ingenuity. The focus is on building knowledge and reinforcing that knowledge as students work through it, and the interpretation of the specification is similarly presented and then reinforced within the activities... I would have no hesitation in using this for my own teaching.

A Harrington, Private Tutor & Peer Reviewer

The author has thought about how to make the resource appealing to young people using a range of activities... Would help low-attaining learners to understand more about the plot and characters... I like the range of activities.

R McIntyre, Teacher & Peer Reviewer