Worlds and Lives: Poetry Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE AQA

A broad range of activities to complement the latest poetry anthology (first teaching 2023). These engaging exercises empower students to recognise universal themes and connect ideas to contemporary contexts, enhancing their understanding of relevance. Plus! 8 practice essay questions and a comprehensive glossary to further support learning.

Activities that encourage independence, including:
  • Annotation tasks
  • Close analysis tasks
  • Creative activities for visual and kinaesthetic learners
  • Group work and discussion tasks
  • Drama and storyboarding activities
  • Consolidation questions
  • Research tasks
and many more!
Carefully considered structure develops understanding:
  1. Introductory activities spark interest and build a foundation for understanding, encouraging students to explore connections through the entire anthology from the outset.
  2. Poem-by-poem activities deepen understanding of all 15 poems with pre-, during, and post-reading tasks focused on symbolism, setting, theme, context and more.
  3. Whole-anthology activities consolidate knowledge and put the whole anthology into perspective.
  4. Includes essay questions and exemplar answers to prepare students to apply knowledge in an exam context.

Plus! Full indicative content and teacher’s notes provided.