The Great Gatsby Activity Pack

for A Level Paper 2: Writing about Society

Flexible: Adapt to your existing scheme of work, or dip in and out, to build student confidence.

Unlock the captivating world of The Great Gatsby with this comprehensive activity pack catering to students of all abilities. Dive into the allure of its elegant prose, dynamic characters, and thought-provoking themes with ease.

Tailored specifically for the A Level AQA Language and Literature specification, these engaging activities seamlessly integrate into your teaching.

Each chapter is accompanied by a concise introduction and carefully considered range of class-room ready activities:

  • Consolidation questions and active learning tasks that foster a deep understanding of the text and its literary and linguistic techniques.
  • Discussion questions that ignite open-ended debates and critical analysis.
  • Research tasks that delve into contextual factors such as prohibition, WWI, and the economic boom, enhancing students' appreciation of the historical backdrop.
  • Exam-style questions designed to hone students' 're-creative writing' skills, providing invaluable exam practice.

Suggested answers provided for all activities, minimal preparation is needed!

Experience the magic of The Great Gatsby like never before. Elevate your teaching with our activity pack and witness your students' confidence soar.

What do teachers say about this resource? (12499)

A very good resource that takes you through the novel chapter by chapter. It begins with activities on the context of 1920s America to give students an idea of how the themes are relevant... There is a 'whole book' section that covers themes, authors use of language, settings, critical reception and form and structure... I like the way it is laid out so as to minimise planning... It will be a huge time saver... It enhances the learning because it gives an overall view of the novel and provides in depth activity on each chapter. It also allows students to begin making connections and comparisons to other novels and provides extracts - essentially the teacher has very little preparation to do. The activities also allow students to use their cross-curricular knowledge of historical events (WW1) and sociological themes such as American attitudes from the 1920s... Clear to use.

C Evans, Teacher & Peer Reviewer