Feminine Gospels Comprehensive Guide for A Level AQA A

Set text for:
  • AQA A A Level

Feminine Gospels travels through history and over class and cultural boundaries, examining issues relating to women’s identity as they affect historical queens, modern shopaholics and Carol Ann Duffy herself. Share in the collective experiences of marginalisation, identity and change with this ‘comprehensive and detailed’ resource.

Comprehensive and detailed

T Garland, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

The pack tackles the key stages of text analysis:

Consolidate and deepen learning!

  • discussion prompts
  • active learning tasks
  • key literary and linguistic terms
  1. Walk-through
    Thorough chapter-by-chapter commentary walks students through each poem
  2. Drawing it all together
    In-depth discussion of all poems focuses on: characterisation, genre, themes, attitudes and values, language, form, structure, context and literary approaches
  3. Indicative content
    Supports teaching by ensuring all key areas are covered

Plus! A Further Reading List and Glossary of Key Terms

What do teachers say about this resource? (11470)

Detailed information about each of the poems in the collection. The use of stanza-by-stanza analysis is good... The reference to specific terms in the discussion is good. The terms were clear and well used... The poetic analysis of structure and rhyme scheme provides useful information to be provided to students... The footnotes provide excellent references to assist students in the discussion of the other critics... Clear and repeated reference to the assessment objectives is good. The holistic approach of the AQA specification means the individual objectives are expected to be incorporated into a larger argument. The resource is certainly providing the student and teacher with all the necessary elements to put the elements together... Comprehensive and detailed.

T Garland, Head of English & Peer Reviewer