An Inspector Calls: A5 Revision Cards for GCSE

Incredibly detailed and impressive

G Senussi , Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Double-sided revision cards covering all key aspects of An Inspector Calls for GCSE English Literature. Flexible, bite-sized format makes revision manageable and achievable.

Wide-ranging activities encourage both independent thought and productive group discussion. Detailed answers are provided throughout to consolidate and expand learning.

Covers all criteria for:
  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • WJEC
  • Eduqas
  • OCR
Carefully matched to the AOs covering:
  • Characters
  • Key events
  • Key themes
  • The writer’s use of language, structure and form
  • Relevant contexts
  • Reception over time
  • … and more!

Would work well as an information retrieval tool for revision with students either in class or independently

M Thresher, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

And after all that revision, students can complete their exam preparation with a series of practice essay questions!

All provided as photocopy masters in both A5 double-sided and A4 single-sided format.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10002)

Comprehensive. I loved how there were different sections for each of the themes, characters, plot etc. This shows the author’s great attention to detail. It’s also an indication of just how thoroughly the author knows the AQA exam content. Incredibly detailed and impressive... I liked the questions after each section and how each part of the play had been broken down into smaller digestible sections. This makes revision much easier for students to handle... could work as an aid for teachers holding revision sessions whereby parts of the resource could be withheld and then gradually shared.

G Senussi , Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A useful, resource for teachers... The question cards on the key characters useful because [they] could be used as a starter or in pair or group work with students coming up with their understanding and ideas, as well as finding examples from the text... Like the character cards, the Key Events cards also help to enhance learning as they can be used to refresh memory and embed understanding of the text and examples to use when responding in the exam. They are set out chronologically which is helpful, but one could also ‘mix and match’ the character, key events and themes cards and get students to make links in this way.

M Linney, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Well-prepared and knowledgeable. Carefully sectioned, so easy for students to use... I liked how logical it was and well informed... Would work well as an information retrieval tool for revision with students either in class or independently.

M Thresher, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer