A Level AQA Topic Tests
Available for the new specification C1, C2, C3, C4, M1, S1, D1

Single page A4 tests by topic. Carefully designed with gradual increase in difficulty and ensuring to assess EVERY aspect of the specification and also designed to allow students to show what they can do. With full solutions and mark schemes.

'Good VALUE. Good presentation and fit with syllabus...good - clear questions...students could have the solutions to learn what needs to be included to get the marks...topic tests provided a test for different groups without the inevitable bias in favour of the class taught by the setter.' RVW Murphy, Rossall School, HoD.

"Enhances learning when used as an introduction exercise or for consolidation purposes. The papers are clear without wasting paper or photocopying and are clearly set out"
J Murdoch, Abbott Beyne School.

'Very useful...like the "page per topic" - "page per paper".' S Moores, City of Bath.

"Cost of photocopying minimised using this layout (thank you!)" Miss Pratley, Chipping Campden School

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What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1145)

'Useful addition questions for reviewing at the end of topics... Questions which have exam feel but are mostly easier, so help to build confidence... Good 'Test Summaries' for good size chunks of syllabus that can give out ahead of progress tests as go through the syllabus. Great resource for anyone studying Maths as at home alone, before ready to tackle past papers with clear answers and mark schemes.' – S :Lewis, private order customer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3132)

This is an excellent resource as it spans the entire AQA course. also because these are topic based it allows both learner and teacher an opportunity to focus their revision easily... I quite liked the topic based approach as well as the increased level of difficulty that developed as more questions were set on each sheet... It enhances learning by breaking down the course into smaller manageable topics. also the support given by a detailed mark scheme promotes independent learning... matches the specification extremely well... there is a clear understanding as to what is required by the examiners in the similar wording in the questions compared to an actual exam paper." — M R Barker, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

An excellent resource to help consolidate knowledge and prepare for final exams. I liked the fact that it covers a very wide range of topics... It can be used as an end of unit test, to assess learning or as a homework sheet, etc... This resource will be very useful for my teaching. My students will benefit incredibly... Thank you!" — M Garcia, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Very good resource for testing by focussed topic... I like the way that all topics are tested, all manner of questions asked, the questions are strongly linked to examination questions... enable students and teachers to see how far they have progressed thhrough a particular topic." — L Hesbrook, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3133)

Clear layout covers the topics in M1... useful as a revision toool... This could be used as an AFL tool." — R Bird, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

Very comprehensive set of tests, with all items of the specification covered. Easy to use in class or for independent study at home... allows for focussed testing of topics... excellent coverage, nothing missing from the spec. All apsects of each topic covered." L Hesbrook, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3150)

Very helpful... to assess progress and understanding... useful consolidation and exam practice... Particularly liked the comprehensive way it covered all areas of the D1 syllabus... I'm looking forward to using this when I teach D1 this term." — L Goodfellow, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A well-presented and useful resource giving students extra practice in the basic techniques in all the key areas... It gives the opportunity for students to participate in a quick assessment on each topic." — P Merrick, Mathematics Teacher & Independent Reviewer